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Baker Tilly advises Coocrea on its sale to Grupo Castilla

En febrero de 2024 se cerró la adquisición de una participación mayoritaria de Coocrea por parte de Grupo Castilla. Baker Tilly M&A TMT ha asesorado al equipo de Coocrea en esta operación. Con esta operación, Grupo Castilla potencia su enfoque 360º en la gestión integral de personas incorporando los negocios de aprendizaje, endomarketing, cultura y […]

Webinar "Tech M&A Update" Abril 2024 - modelo de inversión Buy&Build

Are you up to date with the latest trends and movements in the world of technology M&A activities tecnológicas? Baker Tilly Advisory te invita a participar en nuestro próximo webinar mensual, "Tech M&A Update Marzo", donde compartiremos análisis expertos, perspectivas actuales, referencias de valoración y las oportunidades más emocionantes en el sector tecnológico. Fecha: 19 de […]

Jornada Formación: Impulsando el valor de las PYMEs tecnológicas

Estrategias para el crecimiento sostenido El programa tiene como objetivo proporcionar a los empresarios de PYMEs tecnológicas las herramientas y estrategias necesarias para impulsar el crecimiento sostenible de sus negocios, maximizando el valor de sus empresas a través de un enfoque centrado en el crecimiento. El asistente será capaz de evaluar su situación actual y […]

Oreka IT integrates the Catalan company and SAP partner Intarex

En febrero de 2024 se cerró la adquisición del partner de SAP Intarex por parte de Oreka IT.Baker Tilly M&A TMT ha asesorado al equipo de Intarex en esta operación. La integración de Intarex en Oreka IT convierte a ambos en una organización con 130 profesionales y una previsión de facturación de 8 millones de […]

Webinar "Tech M&A Update" March 2024

Are you up to date with the latest trends and movements in the world of technology M&A activities ? Baker Tilly Advisory invites you to participate in our next monthly webinar, "Tech M&A Update March", where we will share expert analysis, current perspectives, valuation benchmarks and the most exciting opportunities in the technology sector. Date: 15 March [...]

AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics: Technology Acquisitions that are Redefining the Global Business Landscape in 2023

The world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics is constantly buzzing, with large companies in a frantic race to reach the top of the innovation ladder. From Accenture's strategic technology acquisitions to strengthen its cloud presence and customer experience, to Sony's bold moves [...]

Valuation Report about Software Applications 2023

Want to understand the financials of the software applications industry? The Software Applications Industry Valuation Report 2023, developed by Baker Tilly, provides a comprehensive exploration of this evolving sector. In this analysis, 429 companies operating in the software applications space are closely scrutinised [...]

Advertising 2023 - The 5 Biggest Deals in the Sector

The Advertising 2023 sector witnessed a dynamic transformation, marked by strategic investments that redefined the market's competitiveness and shaped its future. These investments introduced innovative solutions and creative approaches that sculpted the business landscape. We highlight key transactions that drove the growth and evolution of the industry, from investments in start-ups to new businesses, to the [...]

Advertising Valuation Report 2023

Interested in understanding the financial fundamentals of the advertising world? Baker Tilly's Advertising Industry Valuation Report 2023 provides a comprehensive view of the advertising industry. This report examines 91 companies within the advertising space in detail, providing a comprehensive analysis of the advertising industry's financial statements, characteristics and multiples of the [...]

Baker Tilly advises Becolve Digital on its acquisition of spanish hardware distributor Monolitic

The acquisition of Monolitic by Spanish industrial and infrastructure solutions provider Becolve Digital was completed in February 2024. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Becolve team on this transaction. The integration of Monolitic and Becolve Digital allows them to become a one-stop-shop for their clients in terms of […]

IT Sector in 2023: Acquisitions in Europe that have had a Major Impact

The significant acquisitions made in the IT sector in 2023 changed the competitive environment and direction of the rapidly evolving IT industry. These calculated deals have not only signaled a turning point in the merger of industry leaders, but have also shown where new collaborations and solutions can be found [...]

2023 Information Technology Valuation Report

Curious about the financial underpinnings of the IT industry? What are the current industry multiples? The 2023 Information Technology Valuation Report by Baker Tilly provides an overview of the IT and digital services sector. It encompasses a comprehensive analysis of 242 listed companies [...]

Information Technology Sector in Spain: Key Acquisitions in 2022-2023

The key acquisitions of 2023 have redefined the competition and trajectory of the information technology (IT) sector.These strategic transactions not only marked a shift in the consolidation of industry leaders, but also revealed new opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to emerging challenges. These acquisitions have left […]

Investment Trends in Enterprise Software2023 - 9 Key Transactions

The enterprise software industry 2023 experienced a dynamic and transformative phase in 2023, marked by a number of key investments that had a major impact on the business environment. Through the creation of innovative solutions and inventive benchmarks, these investments not only revolutionised the competitiveness of the market, but also [...]

Who are the top tech giants: The titans of technology

In recent decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented revolution in technology. From the advent of the first computers to the global spread of the Internet, technology has penetrated every aspect of our daily lives. In this context, a group of companies has emerged as the undisputed leader, dominating the [...]

Israel's technology: the tech giant in the midst of war

In a fast-moving world, Israel's technology has emerged as a key player on the global stage in the technology sector. As an M&A activities (M&A) advisor specialising in the technology space, it is imperative to explore Israel's unique role in innovation and understand how geopolitical, economic, political and social conflicts are affecting the [...]

Global Dealmakers 2023: European M&A market update

The European M&A market in 2023 has gone through a tumultuous period marked by a number of macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. The combination of rising interest rates, rising energy costs and geopolitical uncertainties, in particular the current situation in Ukraine, has created a complex environment for […]

valantic announces the addition of SAP Gold-Partner Saptools to the group

valantic and Saptools Consulting have announced the agreement whereby the consulting and implementation specialist becomes part of the German valantic group. Baker Tilly Advisory Services advised the valantic team on the acquisition. Through this transaction, valantic takes a bold step towards securing the leading position in the [...]

Baker Tilly advises clinical software coding specialist Bitac on its sale to multinational IQVIA

The acquisition of a majority stake in Bitac by the multinational IQVIA has recently been completed. Baker Tilly Advisory Services has advised the Bitac team in this transaction. The Barcelona-based company Bitac joins a multinational group that will allow it to continue growing and IQVIA acquires a cutting-edge technology with the capacity to facilitate the [...]

Baker Tilly advises Ibermodul on its sale to Muebles Montiel

In July 2023, the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Ibermodul by the business group that owns Muebles Montiel was completed. Baker Tilly Advisory Services advised the Ibermodul team on this transaction. With the purchase of Ibermodul, Muebles Montiel takes an important step to reinforce its position as one of the leading suppliers of furniture [...]

Baker Tilly advises iPlan on its sale to Vulcain Engineering Group

The acquisition of the majority stake in iPlan by Vulcain Engineering Group was completed in July 2023. Baker Tilly Advisory Services advised the iPlan Gestión Integral team on this transaction. Through this transaction, iPlan becomes part of a business group with a recognised prestige in the […]

Business Software Group announces the acquisition of DAF ERP into its group through Clavei

In September 2023 Business Software Group (BSG) and DAF ERP announced the agreement whereby the consultancy firm joins Clavei - the group's brand. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Business Software Group team on this acquisition. BSG is continuing its strategy of inorganic growth with the [...]

Unikal Tech Partners announces the incorporation of Neteris Consulting to its group.

In July 2023 Unikal Tech Partners and Neteris Consulting have announced the agreement whereby the consultancy firm becomes part of the group. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the Unikal Tech Partners team in this acquisition transaction. Unikal Tech Partners thus incorporates the third highly specialised company to its [...]

Incide is bought by Computest Security with advice from Baker Tilly

The acquisition of the majority stake in Incide by Dutch company Computest was completed in July 2023. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Computest team on this transaction. With the acquisition of Incide, Computest takes the first step in the creation of an independent European security company with the aim of [...]

Asolvi enters Spain and Latin America through the acquisition of Binary Soluciones advised by Baker Tilly

April 2023 saw the completion of the majority acquisition of Binary Soluciones by Asolvi, a leading European software company. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Asolvi team on this transaction. With the acquisition of Binary, the Norwegian company will be able to expand its reach in Spain and Latin America and enhance its offering with a [...]

Baker Tilly advises Amber Marketing, a market research specialist, on its sale to the Ufenau-backed Group.

In March 2023, the acquisition of a majority stake in Amber Marketing, a market research specialist, by the Group, backed by private equity firm Ufenau Capital Partners and its Ufenau VII Asset Light fund, was completed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Amber Marketing team on this transaction. Amber Marketing is [...]

Capital Increase: What do you need to know?

La operación de capital increase se opone a la reducción de capital . Se trata de una operación mediante la cual una empresa aumenta su capital social para: Aumentar el valor nominal de acciones o participaciones; Emitir nuevas acciones o participaciones. Ciertas ampliaciones de capital han marcado la historia empresarial española, entre las más […]

Business growth: What it is and key to success

Business growth is a crucial aspect of any organisation's long-term success. In this article, we will explore in depth what business growth is and what are the factors that drive it and how you can implement effective strategies to excel in the competitive business world. We will also explain how you can apply effective strategies to stand out in the competitive business world. What is business [...]

Baker Tilly advises Microsoft partner Algoritmia on its sale to TVH Consulting group

The acquisition of a majority stake in Algoritmia by TVH Consulting Group, a French firm specialising in ERP-BI Microsoft and SAP solutions, was completed on 1 March 2023. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Algoritmia team on this transaction. The transaction is in addition to the one carried out six months ago by TVH [...]

Mergers and Acquisitions: Drivers of Business Growth and Competitiveness

The key M&A activities or M&A has emerged as a key corporate strategy in the business world. Today, many companies engage in this process to expand their market presence, strengthen their competitive position and gain access to new resources and capabilities. What are mergers and acquisitions - M&A [...]

Visma, Europe's leading software company, continues to grow in Iberia with the acquisition of Moloni

The acquisition of a majority stake in Molonia by Visma, a leading European software company, was completed in January 2023. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Visma team on this transaction. With the acquisition of Moloni, Visma continues to increase its presence in the Iberian Peninsula. Since 2021, the Group has acquired three suppliers [...]

Baker Tilly is the tech sector M&A advisor with the most deals in 2022

As every year, the financial and legal M&A advisory rankings are coming out. In the Iberian Peninsula, Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory has advised on a total of 15 transactions in 2022 (13 of them public), 7 buy-side transactions and 8 sell-side transactions. With this, Baker Tilly is positioned as the [...]

Industry 4.0: What it is, how it works, maturity model, importance and trend.

If you want to know what Industry 4.0 is, it is a term that was first coined in 2011 by the German government to describe its strategy for the digitisation of manufacturing industry. Since then, it has been adopted around the world to describe the digital transformation in industry. What is Industry 4.0?

Cómo hacer un estudio de mercado. Pasos esenciales

Market research is a key phase in the creation or growth of your business. It allows you to identify the market in which you are going to launch and to convince your potential financiers. This article will provide you with a method and an overview of how to do it. For a market research to be effective, [...]

Baker Tilly advises Microsoft Partner Innovar Tecnologias on its sale to Techedge Group

On 18 October 2022, it was announced that Techedge Group, a consulting firm specialising in business solutions, had acquired a majority stake in Innovar Technologies. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the Innovar team on this transaction. The transaction is in addition to the one carried out a year ago by Techedge to [...]

Baker Tilly advises specialist vegetable chip manufacturer Viube Foods (Mikso) on sale to Apex Group

In August 2022, the sale of Viube Foods (Mikso Chips) to the crisp and snack manufacturer, Apex Group, was completed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised Viube Foods on this transaction. With this new acquisition, Apex Group will seek to reaffirm its growth strategy and successfully position itself in Catalonia, where it will have its seventh production plant. Vendor: Viube Foods Located in Girona, Viube Foods, known for its

Baker Tilly advises european family office on its investment in Academic Labs

During August 2022, an international family office has agreed to inject capital into AcademicLabs. Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory has advised the family office on its investment in Spain.

Baker Tilly advises Gravity Works, a hazardous duty safety systems installation company, on the sale to Itaca Capital

In July 2022, the sale of Gravity Works, a company specialising in high-risk work protection, was completed. The purchase was carried out by Itaca Capital. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised Gravity Works on this transaction. 

Baker Tilly advises Nadal Badal SA, an electrical locks and closures company, on the sale to CDVI Group

In June 2022, the acquisition of lock products manufacturer Nadal Badal by security company CDVI Group was completed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised Nadal Badal on this transaction. Seller: Nadal Badal SA Headquartered in Barcelona (Catalonia), Nadal Badal has been offering solutions for more than 70 years.

Baker Tilly advises metal fittings for wood retailer Mengual on minority sale to Suma Capital

On 24 April 2022, the acquisition of 45% from hardware distributor Mengual by private equity firm Suma Capital was completed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised Mengual on this transaction. Carlos Mengual, majority shareholder, will remain in the family business to drive and lead the growth of the [...]

Baker Tilly advises Visma, a leading European software company, on the acquisition of Declarando

The acquisition of a majority stake in Declarando by Visma, a leading European technology company, was completed on 20 April 2022. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Visma team on this transaction. Declarando is the fastest-growing accounting and tax software company for the European [...]

Baker Tilly advises IMF Smart Education on its acquisition of Grupo Paradigma

The acquisition of the Paradigma Group by IMF Smart Education, majority owned by CAPZA, was completed on 8 February 2022. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the IMF Smart Education team on this transaction. This operation reinforces the group's commitment to the Health sector and increases the group's [...]

Evicertia acquired by Ambienta - Baker Tilly advises European environmental sustainability investor on its first acquisition in Spain

The acquisition of Evicertia by Namirial, a platform company of Ambienta, a European investor specialising in environmental sustainability, was completed on 1 February 2022. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Namirial and Ambienta teams on this transaction. Evicertia is the second international acquisition by Namirial since [...]

IDP acquires ECOINTEGRAL - engineering specialist in energy and telecommunications sector

On 14 January 2022, the acquisition of ECOINTEGRAL by the engineering group IDP was formalised. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised ECOINTEGRAL's ownership in this transaction. ECOINTEGRAL's management team will continue to be led by Francisco Gabriel Martín as CEO and its Board of Directors will be chaired by Juan [...]

Baker Tilly jumps to 1st place as M&A advisor in the technology sector

As always at the end of an old year and at the beginning of the new year, summaries, top lists, rankings, classifications, etc. of all kinds of things are made. And so we also make our summary of the year 2021. No doubt, a year still marked by the COVID-19 pandemic, but already with a recovery of the economy [...]

valantic acquires Abaco Consulting

The merger of VALANTIC with ABACO Consulting was agreed on 13 December 2021. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the VALANTIC team on this transaction. The market for SAP-based business transformation consulting is characterised by an extremely high demand, which will continue or even increase in the coming years.

Valuation analysis of 20 Advertising companies

This post analyzes the values of 20 Advertising companies listed on different European stock exchanges. The Advertising companies sector is a very large sector, with a remarkable consolidation, but with a great future due to the forced integration of technology in the sector, giving rise to new specialized companies. In this article, we will show […]

Oakley Capital, the Private Equity with the largest investment in Advertising in Spain in 2021

Although Oakley Capital is not listed in the top Spanish advertising companies invested in, it is the most invested company in Spain. Private Equity with the largest investment in the sector in Spain. This is because on 14 September 2021, it carried out an investment operation in Seedtag, a Madrid-based advertising company that has [...]

17 Marketplace companies: Valuation analysis

This post analyses the values of 17 Marketplace companies listed on different European stock exchanges. The Marketplace sector is a sector with great growth in recent years and that, in the year 2021, driven by the pandemic, has increased the sector's operations and its growth in a big way. We have been able to see[…]

Venture Capital Marketplace: Most active investors in the sector

The marketplace market has been boosted, in large part, by the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Already, 2020 was a year in which the venture capital is Marketplace was very active and maintained the investment numbers and even surpassed 2019. And in this 2021 the number of investments will [...]

Key variables and valuation by multiples in the Cloud Computing sector

Based on key variables and the valuation by multiples of a company, we are going to analyse the values of 17 Cloud Computing companies listed on different European stock exchanges. This Cloud Computing sector is a sector with great growth in recent years and which has begun to consolidate as shown in the following table.

Fintech Analysis: Key valuation variables of 15 Fintech companies

This post will focus on the 15 most relevant companies listed on European markets, which are within the Fintech sector. The sector has had a great growth as shown in the investment analysis carried out by our expert analysts in the sector. In this fintech analysis, we will show the main variables to [...]

Investing in which sector? Most active investors in Industrial Manufacturing

A question on every investor's mind is "I have money to invest, but which company or sector should I invest in?" It is not at all easy to make a decision if you have not carried out a prior analysis of the sectors of activity. A sector with a long and stable track record is [...]

Health apps: 3 relevant companies in the mHealth sector

The mHealth or Mobile Health sector has seen great growth in recent years, especially when the pandemic began, as mHealth offers services that medicine as we knew it had not been able to offer. Thanks to Mobile Health companies and their health apps, it has been possible to treat patients remotely, manage data remotely, and [...]

MotorK acquires DAPDA Motor Digital | Press release

On 8 October 2021, the definitive agreement for the acquisition of DAPDA Motor Digital by MotorK was signed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the DAPDA team on this sale transaction. It is a business move that aims to broaden MotorK's geographic reach in Spain, categorising it in the Spanish market, [...]

Most relevant IT purchases in September 2021 in Spain

In the last month of September, some 15 new plants have been built. acquisitions in the technology sectors. IT buyouts span a wide range of sectors, from biotech experts to the gaming industry to companies offering cybersecurity services or those involved in healthcare. See also our recent mHealth Investment Report 2021. [...]

S-UBG, the most active Private Equity in Industrial Manufacturing

Private Equity has made a total of 189 investments in companies purely in the Industrial Manufacturing sector. With regard to 2021 and future years, the evolution is more than positive, as shown in the graph. The year 2021 is incomplete due to the fact that we are almost at the halfway point [...].

Investing in Technology: Top 5 PE Investments

From 15 August to 15 September, 585 investments have been made in the technology sector. In this news we will show the top 5 deals, according to our expert analysts in the tech sectors, made by Private Equities that choose to invest in technology. These transactions cover a variety of markets, from companies that develop their technology in the US to companies that develop their [...]

Fast-growing companies defy their limits

How are companies planning to grow and transform their businesses as the world emerges from the Covid-19 health crisis? Are they pursuing new routes or taking counter-intuitive approaches to achieving these targets? These are the questions underpinning our research in this report, the third in our Global Dealmakers 2021 series on global M&A and deal [...]

Top 5 Best Companies to Invest In: Industrial Manufacturing

In this post we will identify and describe the best companies to invest in and, therefore, the most relevant within the Industrial Manufacturing sector. Despite being a very consolidated sector, it presents great investment opportunities as we have been able to observe in the 2021 Investment Analysis of the Industrial Manufacturing sector [...]

Top 5: Biggest investors in the Fintech world

The increasingly popular FinTech sector is attracting the attention of a growing number of investors, as can be seen in the Investment Analysis 2021 carried out by our specialists. In this article, we will focus on identifying and analysing the acquisitions The following five of the world's largest FinTech investors have been realised: Advent International BlackRock Broadridge Goldman Sachs PayPal Advent International, [...]

The EdTech sector and the impact of Covid-19

The Edtech sector, Educational Technology The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed our way of life, severely crippling the global economy. Many sectors were diminished and forced to reinvent themselves in order not to suffer major losses. Education is a case in point. Thanks to technology, the [...]


Amazon, eBay and PayPay Mall have been able to make the most of the marketplace business because they have known how to respond to an increasingly dynamic and circular economy. Thanks to this, they have become the three best marketplaces, making up the 60% of the sector's business. The concept of Marketplace as a platform for [...]


On 31 July 2021, DiliTrust acquires Gobertia for 100%. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the DiliTrust team on this transaction. Through this acquisition, Gobertia increases DiliTrust's market shares in Spain and Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, at a time when the [...]


Here we bring you the acquisitions most relevant acquisitions in July 2021. There have been 20 acquisitions in the technology sectors in the last month, according to Crunchbase. Most of these acquisitions are related to companies in the healthcare sector, involving software products or services for medical processes and specialised software companies. More acquisitions [...]

FinTech investment: Techstars, the biggest investor in 2020

Techstars, 235 FinTech investment transactions The famous Venture Capital is the US investor with the most companies invested in the FinTech sector, with 235 companies. Techstars is a global platform that offers investment and innovation thanks to its more than 3,200 investments. Its mission is to change the world through the thousands of companies it invests in [...]


The Marketplace is a booming and fast-moving sector as defined in the articles Marketplace Leaders and Adevinta acquires eBay Cassifieds Group. In this article we will focus on the most important funding rounds in the Marketplace sector for various reasons. These are the Seed Rounds and the Late [...]

EdTech sector: more acquisitions in 2020 and more active companies

The current global pandemic has suddenly boosted the Educational Technology or EdTech sector, as explained in the article "Edtech and Covid-19", giving rise to totally astonishing data on the biggest acquisitions in 2020 and the most active companies in the sector. Educational Technology could be defined as the use [...]

Check out the 9 best FinTech companies in the industry

In this post we will describe the most relevant FinTech companies in a sector that is becoming increasingly active as can be seen in the Investment Analysis 2021 developed by Baker Tilly analysts, experts in the sector. Throughout this article, we will analyse the top 3 most relevant FinTech companies according to 3 different [...]

Acquisitions in the technology sector in June 2021

In this post we identify and analyse the most relevant acquisitions in the technology sector during the last month, June 2021. First, we will focus on global operations and, secondly, exclusively on the Spanish market. Global operations Blackstone- QTS Reality Trust: one of the most important acquisitions in the technology sector [...]

Aurica invests in Babel as a minority shareholder

On 7 June 2021 Aurica invests in Babel on a minority basis. Aurica, a firm of private equity Spanish company, has opted to buy a minority stake in Babel, a Spanish company specialising in the digitisation process of companies. The amount of the transaction has not been made public so far. As [...]

BSG acquires Externalia | Press release

On 22 June 2021, BSG acquires Externalia for 100%. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Externalia team on this transaction. Through this sale, Externalia responds to the need to implement software for the management of outsourcing and prevention without forgetting the value-added services such as outsourcing of validation and validation [...]

Venture Capital Ranking: Top 3 Industrial Automation

Thanks to the study conducted by Baker Tilly analysts we can conclude that Industrial Automation is a sector with a more than positive growth projection. After having analysed the sector in general in terms of acquisitions, financing and business growth, in this article you will find the Ranking of the most active Venture Capitals, [...]

The 3 most relevant acquisitions in Industrial Automation

As in other sectors with a technological component, such as the cloud computing sector, there are also large companies that [...] acquisitions in Industrial Automation, a sector which, as described in the Investment Analysis carried out by Baker Tilly, bases its activity on the use of control systems and technology through the [...]

TSS acquires Baratz | Press release

In June 2021, the acquisition of Baratz Servicios de Teledocumentación S.A. by Total Specific Solutions. B.V. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the Baratz team on the sale so that TSS is able to enter the library software segment through the acquisition of the national leader, Baratz, which has more than [...]

Venture Capital most active in Cloud Computing | Top 3

As has been verified in the Investment Analysis carried out by Baker Tilly's experts, the Cloud Computing sector presents a positive projection for the coming years, marking a continuous growth and providing data on the Venture Capital most active to date. Analysing the data as a whole, we can see that there has been [...]

The 3 most notable business acquisitions in Spanish Cloud Computing

As described in Baker Tilly's investment analysis, Cloud Computing is a promising sector and one in which there are many possibilities in the future. acquisitions business and investment. It is present all over the world, as described in the article "Global Financing of the Cloud Computing Sector", presenting an ever-increasing [...]...

Global Cloud Computing Sector Funding: US raises $48 billion

In this new post we will focus on developing the Global Financing of the Cloud Computing sector and identify the main countries in which companies in the sector are present. The Cloud Computing industry, or Cloud Computing, is the technology that allows you to remotely access your own software or files stored on your computer from anywhere in the [...]

Syntax buys Linke after 19.5% revenue increase over 2019

Syntax buys Linke: as analysed in the sector analysis carried out by our Baker Tilly analysts specialised in the technology sector, Cloud Computing is a sector that continues to grow. It is a sector that encompasses all types of companies, in terms of size, that are looking to renew and optimise [...]

EdTech sector funding multiplies by 3 in 2020

As we have seen in the article "EdTech and Covid-19", the year 2020 has been no different for the Technology Education sector, where the pandemic has caused radical changes in the sector. This post will focus on identifying and analysing the "anomaly" produced, as far as movements are concerned, in the rounds of [...]

The 3 leaders in the EdTech sector and its global presence

The education sector has been forced to adapt as much as anyone by the Covid-19 pandemic, as explained in the article EdTech and Covid-19. Thanks to technology and thus the emergence of so-called Educational Technology, the education sector has been able to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic [...].

eBay Classifieds acquired by Adevinta, the marketplaces specialist, for $9.2bn

Adevinta: Introducción al Marketplace El concepto de Marketplace como plataforma web adquirió gran relevancia tras el surgimiento de la Nueva Industria 4.0 provocada por el desarrollo de la transformación digital. Destacados marketplaces como Amazon, Alibaba o Ebay han sabido sacar el máximo partido a este tipo de negocios dando respuesta a una economía cada vez […]

European Family Office invests in Feltwood | Press release

During April 2021, an international family office has agreed to inject capital into Feltwood Ecomateriales S.L. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the investor on its first investment in Spain. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the investor in its first investment in Spain. European Family Office invests in Feltwood Vendor: Feltwood Based in Zaragoza, Feltwood is a company dedicated to the development of technologies to produce environmentally friendly industrial materials, [...]

Jobandtalent, the online job platform, receives €100 million in its largest ever round of funding

Jobandtalent Jobandtalent, founded in 2009, is an online employment platform that aims to make the job market much more flexible and transparent, helping companies to meet their recruitment demands. It achieves this by being a highly personalised Marketplace. Read our definition of Marketplace in the article Best Marketplaces or in [...]

The last 3 sales of Spanish IT companies

In that article, we identified and analysed the last 3 sale of companies Spanish IT companies Software DELSOL and Billin acquired by TeamSystem On 17 February, TeamSystem, an Italian group controlled by US private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, announced the acquisition of two Spanish IT companies. Firstly, it announced the purchase of 100% of the capital of the Spanish company based in [...]

Valuation multiples on listed companies in the Software Applications sector grow by 56%

Analysis of key variables Revenue growth Despite the current Covid-19 situation, most listed companies have continued with double-digit growth. For example, the average has reached 20% and the median 19%. In addition, more than 60% have grown above [...].

Baker Tilly GDA: corporate finance firm with expertise in the technology sector

Baker Tilly GDA is a corporate finance firm with expertise in the technology sector that differentiates itself from other firms due to its strong technology focus. We have an M&A offering specialising in the technology sector with a European focus and we are recurrently ranked in the top 10 in the mid and small market at international, European and Spanish level. Baker [...]

Baker Tilly GDA corporate finance firm :IT sector Market Researchs

One of the pillars of Baker Tilly GDA, a corporate finance firm, is the technology we use to conduct our market research. Our team of market research specialists is continuously analysing investments in the most active markets and is able to provide current insights and identify the most relevant trends for the high yielding companies in the market.

Endalia, HR software, acquired by Accel-KKR

In the last month, the acquisition of Endalia, HR software, by Accel-KKR has been agreed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the Accel-KKR team on its first investment in Spain. Through the acquisition of the platform, Accel-KKR seeks to drive Endalia's growth via a Buy and Build strategy over the course of the acquisition.

Squared Capital sells T-Solar to Cubico for 1.5 billion

Squared Capital Squared Capital is an independent global infrastructure investment manager focused on energy, utilities, telecommunications and transportation in North America, Europe and selected high-growth economies. Squared Capital has offices in Miami, New York, Houston, London, New Delhi, Hong Kong and Singapore. On 9 November 2016 Squared Capital [....]

Atrys Health enters Portugal with the acquisition of Lenitudes

Lenitudes is a Portuguese group operating in the medical and health services sector. The Company focuses on a wide range of radiodiagnostic and radiotherapy alternatives, along with the rest of oncology specialties and other clinical services. The company's mission is focused on comprehensive patient care with the highest quality and [...]

Arrival - Private Equity Round: 1TP2Q118 million

What is Arrival? Arrival Ltd is a London-based technology company with a mission to make electric vehicles mainstream to drive the adoption of sustainable technologies, namely commercial electric vehicles. This company is reinventing the automotive industry with its completely new approach to electric vehicle design and assembly. The company's new method is [....]

Proact buys Cetus Solutions for £7.7m

What is Cetus Solutions? Cetus Solutions has been designing, implementing and supporting secure and scalable IT infrastructure solutions across the UK for over 19 years. Working with clients in the public and private sector market to deliver solutions that generate real business benefits, increased productivity and competitive advantage. The [...]

IT sector: The most active investor

The most active investor in the information technology (IT) sector is 3i Group. The IT sector consists of companies that produce software, hardware or semiconductor equipment, or companies that provide Internet or related services. The three major industry groups in the IT sector are : Software [...]

Top 5 Spanish companies sold in the IT sector in 2020

The Spanish companies sold in the IT sector are mainly SMEs, with more than 90% with a turnover of less than €15m, and at the same time it is a very active sector from an investment point of view. Specifically, a total of 120 companies were registered in Spain in 2020. acquisitions. The 5 most relevant Spanish companies sold: 1.

Railsbank funding round

Railsbank, founded in 2015 and based in London, is an open banking API and banking-as-a-service platform that provides regulated and unregulated businesses with access to global banking. The platform provides financial technology companies with a range of wholesale banking services, including IBANs, receiving money, sending money, sending money to [...]

Kahoot buys Drops for 50M$

Kahoot, founded in 2012, is a game-based learning platform that makes it easy to create, share and play fun learning games. The platform offers learning games in minutes for any subject, in any language, on any device and for all ages. Kahoot's easy-to-use platform and features appeal to [...]

Kingfisher PLC buys NeedHelp for 10M€.


LearnUpon raises a round of funding

LearnUpon, founded in 2012 and based in Dublin, offers a cloud-based learning management system that helps companies train their employees, partners and customers. The company's platform is designed to deliver high-quality corporate learning experiences in a scalable way. LearnUpon unifies, coordinates and streamlines the delivery [...]

Zucchetti buys 100% from Arion

Zucchetti is an Italian company, based in Lodi, that produces software solutions, hardware and services for companies, banks, insurance companies, professionals and trade associations. Zucchetti Spain has a turnover of 16 million euros, 220 employees and more than 2,200 customers. The Italian group has a turnover of 850 million, 6,000 employees and 600,000 customers; and has [...]

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