IT Sector in 2023: Acquisitions in Europe that have had a Major Impact

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BY : Paul von KesselJanuary Fri, 2024

The significant acquisitions made in 2023 have altered the competitive landscape and direction of the rapidly evolving IT industry. These calculated operations have not only marked a turning point in the merging of sector leaders but have also showcased where new collaborations and creative solutions to emerging computing challenges can be found. These acquisitions have significantly influenced how the information business will unfold in the future, from enhancing capabilities to diversifying product and service offerings and regional development.

We examine some of the most notable acquisitions in Europe that have had a profound impact on the information technology landscape in 2023 through a thorough study.


IT Sector in 2023

1. Accenture acquires a series of companies.

  • 6point6 (acquired on October 31, 2023) is a digital marketing company that helps businesses create and execute effective online marketing campaigns.
  • Objectivity (acquired on May 9, 2023) is a technology consulting firm that assists companies in adopting and utilizing new technologies effectively.
  • OnProcess Technology (acquired on October 31, 2023), is a IT services company that assists businesses in enhancing their business processes.
  • Comtech Group Inc (acquired on October 26, 2023) is a communication solutions company that helps businesses stay connected and productive.
  • ConcentricLife (acquired on October 25, 2023) is a healthcare consulting company that helps businesses improve patient care and medical outcomes.
  • Mnemo Mexico (acquired on October 23, 2023) is a language services company that helps businesses effectively communicate with their customers worldwide.
  • On Service (acquired on October 18, 2023) is a service management company that assists businesses in efficiently managing their IT operations..
  • The Storytellers (acquired on October 13, 2023) is a content marketing company that helps businesses create and distribute engaging content to their customers.
  • Nautilus Consulting (acquired on September 5, 2023) is a management consulting company that helps businesses improve their strategy and execution.
  • ATI Solutions Group (acquired on August 28, 2023) is an IT services company that helps businesses migrate to the cloud and adopt emerging technologies.
  • Strongbow Consulting Group (acquired on July 27, 2023) is a business consulting company that helps businesses improve their financial and operational performance.
  • Signal (acquired on July 24, 2023) is a digital marketing company that helps businesses generate leads and sales.
  • Anser Advisory (acquired on June 1, 2023) is a management consulting company that helps businesses improve their corporate governance and compliance practices.
  • Nextira (acquired on June 1, 2023) is an IT solutions company that helps businesses modernize their IT infrastructure.
  • Six Nines (acquired on June 1, 2023) is a IT services company that assists businesses in ensuring the availability and performance of their critical systems.
  • Bourne Digital (acquired on May 31, 2023) is a web design and development company that helps businesses create high-quality websites and web applications.
  • Green Domus (acquired on May 29, 2023) is a sustainability consulting company that helps businesses reduce their environmental impact.
  • EINR (acquired on April 28, 2023) is a risk consulting company that helps businesses identify, assess, and mitigate their risks.
  • Flutura (acquired on March 21, 2023) is a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) company that helps businesses automate their repetitive business processes.
  • OptiMind (acquired on March 17, 2023) is a workforce improvement consulting company that helps businesses enhance employee performance and engagement.
  • Morphus (acquired on February 12, 2023) is an artificial intelligence software company that helps businesses make better decisions using big data.
  • Bionest Partners (acquired on February 2, 2023) is a life sciences consulting firm that assists companies in developing and commercializing new products and services.

2. Bain & Company compra Enterprise Blueprints

Bain & Company, one of the world's leading management consulting firms, announced on December 1, 2023, the acquisition of Enterprise Blueprints, a leading enterprise architecture consulting firm.

Based in London, Enterprise Blueprints specializes in services ranging from defining business strategies to change management and system architecture. This acquisition aims to enrich Bain & Company's service offerings, allowing it to provide its clients with a more comprehensive and specialized range of consulting services in this specific area. Additionally, Enterprise Blueprints' strong presence in Europe and Asia will strengthen Bain & Company's global position in this field, while the expertise of Enterprise Blueprints' team of professionals will contribute to solidifying Bain & Company's leadership position in global business consulting services.

3. Deloitte acquires 27pilots

Deloitte, the world's leading consulting firm, announced on January 13, 2023, the acquisition of 27 pilots, a company specialized in innovation solutions for businesses.

Deloitte's acquisition of 27 pilots strengthens its position in the innovation sector by offering a broader range of services in consulting and implementation of innovative solutions. 27 pilots specializes in helping companies develop and implement innovative solutions, using emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, and virtual and augmented reality. This strategic expansion diversifies Deloitte's offerings for clients, expands its global presence, and solidifies its leadership in consulting services worldwide.

4. Mastercard acquires Baffin Bay Networks

Mastercard, the leading global payments company, announced on March 20, 2023, the acquisition of Baffin Bay Networks, a Swedish cybersecurity company that offers a cloud-based security platform to protect networks and applications against cyber attacks.

The acquisition of Baffin Bay Networks by Mastercard strengthens its position in cybersecurity by expanding its service offerings to address threats such as ransomware, malware, and phishing. Baffin Bay Networks' robust and flexible platform will complement Mastercard's existing services, enabling more comprehensive and efficient solutions. The integration of security experts will enhance Mastercard's ability to respond quickly to cyber attacks, strengthening its security posture and reducing the risk of future attacks.

5. EY acquires whyaye

EY, the global professional services firm, announced on May 12, 2023, the acquisition of whyaye, a customer experience consulting company.

EY's acquisition of whyaye strengthens its presence in the customer experience market by adding expertise in strategy, design, research, and customer experience management. With over 100 employees and a diversified client portfolio, whyaye expands EY's ability to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to client needs. This integration represents a strategic expansion in key customer experience services for EY, supporting its continued growth and success in the market.

6. T-Systems International acquires GeoMobile

T-Systems International, a subsidiary of Deutsche Telekom, announced on May 3, 2023, the acquisition of GeoMobile, a provider of mobile workforce management solutions.

The acquisition of GeoMobile by T-Systems strengthens its offering in mobile workforce management. This strategic integration expands T-Systems' services in mobility by complementing GeoMobile's platform with its existing services. With a strong presence in Europe, Asia, and Africa, GeoMobile expands T-Systems' global influence, providing it with greater geographical reach in the mobility market. Additionally, the acquisition enhances T-Systems' capabilities in developing and implementing solutions for mobile workforce management, contributing to the company's continued growth and success in this sector.

7. Zoom acquires Workvivo

Zoom, the world's leading video conferencing platform, announced on April 14, 2023, the acquisition of Workvivo, an employee experience platform.

The acquisition of Workvivo by Zoom strengthens its position in the employee experience market. Workvivo complements Zoom's products, enabling a comprehensive solution for business communication. With presence in Europe, North America, and Asia, Workvivo expands Zoom's global presence and provides access to key markets. Additionally, it brings to Zoom an experienced team in employee experience, enhancing its capabilities in this crucial area for business and global communication success.

8. Bosch acquires Paladin Technologies y TSI Semiconductors

Bosch, the German automotive and technology manufacturer, completed the acquisition of Paladin Technologies, a cybersecurity company, on July 5, 2023.

Bosch's acquisition of Paladin Technologies strengthens its position in cybersecurity, providing a comprehensive solution for the automotive industry. By integrating knowledge and expertise, it expands its global reach and enhances its ability to respond to international customer needs.

Furthermore, Bosch announced the acquisition of TSI Semiconductors, a semiconductor company, on September 4, 2023.

Bosch's acquisition of TSI Semiconductors expands its product offering in semiconductors for the automotive industry. This strategy strengthens Bosch's global position by leveraging TSI Semiconductors' worldwide presence and enhancing specialized capabilities in this ever-evolving sector.

9. Siemens acquires Mass-Tech Controls y Heliox

Siemens, the German technology giant, announced the acquisition of Mass-Tech Controls, a process automation company, on May 19, 2023.

The acquisition of Mass-Tech Controls strengthens Siemens' position in process automation, especially in key industries such as chemical and pharmaceutical. The integration diversifies Siemens' offerings and enhances its capabilities in this specialized sector.

In addition, Siemens announced the acquisition of Heliox, a hydrogen technology company, on 22 August 2023.

Siemens' strategic acquisition of Heliox strengthens its leadership in hydrogen technology, diversifying its offering and enhancing its global presence. The integration of equipment expands Siemens' capabilities in this specialized sector, consolidating its position as a leading provider of sustainable solutions.

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IT sector acquisitions in 2023
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