Top 5: Leading FinTech Investors in the World

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POR : José LucoSeptember Tue, 2021

The increasingly well-known FinTech sector is attracting the eyes of a greater number of investors, as can be seen in the Investment Report 2021 conducted by our specialists. In this news we will focus on identifying and analyzing the acquisitions made by the 5 largest investors in the FinTech world:

  • Advent International
  • BlackRock
  • Broadridge
  • Goldman Sachs
  • PayPal

In this image we can see the logos of the world's largest FinTech investors including Advent International, BlackRock, Broadridge, Goldman Sachs and PayPal.

Advent International, the PE with the most FinTech company acquisitions  

Since its founding in 1984, this private equity firm has made 375 investments in 42 countries, making it one of the largest FinTech investors in the world. It has made 75 exits and around 200 acquisitions, of which we will focus on 5 in the Fintech sector:


BondDesk, dedicated to providing innovative solutions in the fixed income world, closed the sale transaction with Advent International on June 7, 2006. This transaction helped Advent to further position itself in the technology world as it had previously invested in other FinTech companies such as Ameritrade or Datek Online. Read more

Addiko Bank

In December 2014 it acquired Addiko Bank. This Austrian consumer and SME specialist bank offers specialized products, focusing on payment services and retail lending. Read more


As for Clearent, this is a U.S. company dedicated to payment processes for financial institutions, agents, developers and merchants. In March 2018, Advent also acquired FieldEdge, a leader in service management software, with which to create a leader in integrated payments. And so it went, until February 2021, when Xplor Technologies acquired Clearent. Read more


Also in March 2018 Advent acquired Easynvest, the largest independent digital investment platform in Brazil. The Brazilian company is currently owned by Nubank. Advent International agreed to sell its stake in Easynvest and become an investor in Nubank. Read more

Prisma Medios de Pago

Finally, the most recent acquisition by Advent Interantional in the FinTech world was made on January 22, 2019, the day it bought the leading payments platform company in Argentina. This transaction consisted of $1.42 billion for the acquisition of 51% of the company.

BlackRock, the investment bank with the most acquisitions in FinTech companies 

BlackRock is an American investment firm that offers its services to institutions, intermediaries, foundations and individual investors. It is the world's largest asset manager. It has made 5 acquisitions of FinTech companies:


The first acquisition it made in the world of technology finance was to the company FutureAdvisor, in August 2015. This San Francisco, U.S.-based company helps people manage their investment accounts via the Internet. Read more


Secondly, on June 27, 2017 BlackRock bought the US company CacheMatrix. This is one of the largest FinTech providers that facilitates cash management processes for banks or clients themselves, through a platform. Read more


The next acquisition came two years later, in 2019, when BlackRock bought eFront, previously owned by Bridgepoint, an international alternative fund management company. France's eFront is a global leader in end-to-end alternative investment management software and solutions. Read more


Fourth, there is the acquisition of Aperio on November 24, 2020. Aperio is a leading U.S. FinTech in customized indexed equity solutions. This purchase offers BlackRock the opportunity to enhance the equity platform it has with those equity strategies of which Aperio is an expert. Read more

Aquila Heywood

Lastly, and most recently, on February 11, BlackRock bought the English company Aquila Heywood. This English company creates specialized software for pension plans, pension administrators with the aim of transforming the way its clients manage their finances. Read more

Broadridge, among the largest investors in the FinTech world

This U.S. company provides advanced technology and solutions for operations, communications, data and analytics for the financial services industry and businesses. It has made 39 acquisitions over the course of its life, with total financing received of nearly $2 billion. 


Broadridge began buying other companies in the sector on August 17, 2010, with the acquisition of NewRiver, now fully integrated into the company. 

Paladyne Systems

A year later, it acquired Paladyne Systems, a U.S. cloud-based investment management solutions company, achieving greater efficiency, lower risks and costs, and improved data and reporting consistency. Read more  


Then, it was not until May 11, 2016 that it bought its second FinTech company, Dojima. This US company offers a modern clearing and connectivity platform for exchange-traded and cleared OTC derivatives. Read more  


The fourth purchase was made on October 10, 2019, the day it bought Fi360. This Pennsylvania company founded in '99 offers data analytics software, in addition to educational programs, to financial advisors. Read more


The latest was recently completed on March 29th of this year. On that day it acquired Itiviti, a leading Swedish provider of trading and connectivity technology for the capital markets industry. It was previously owned by Nordic Capital. Read more 

Goldman Sachs, a popular U.S. bank 

Among its 23 acquisitions, it presents 5 that belong to the FinTech sector:

Honest Dollar

On March 14, 2016, it purchased Honest Dollar, an American web and mobile-based retirement savings platform. It focuses on employees of small and medium-sized businesses, freelancers and independent contractors. Read more 

Bond Street

A year later the U.S. bank acquired Bond Street, a startup focused on transforming small business lending through technology, data and design.  Read more  


The third company acquired was Financeit, in December of the same year. This Canadian company offers monthly payment plans through the cloud, achieving greater efficiency, speed and transparency in the processes. Read more


The fourth acquisition in the FinTech sector by Goldman Sachs was to Final, another startup that offers a credit card that allows you to control your relationship with different merchants in a single, simple way. Read more   

Folio Institutional

Finally, in May 2020, the acquisition of Folio Institutional, a U.S. technology and self-clearing brokerage services company, was completed. Read more

PayPal, the best-known online payment services company

The well-known American company owned by eBay also plays a role in the acquisition of other FinTech companies.


PayPal started by acquiring Braintree, another payment platform that provides everything needed for online and mobile commerce payment processes, in 2013. Read more


This was followed by the acquisition of Xoom two years later. This American company allows its users to make secure online transfers. Read more   


3 years later, in May, it bought the Swedish company iZettle. This is a company that manufactures mobile credit card readers and other payment technologies for small businesses, offering portable point-of-sale solutions and sales data. Read more


In June of the same year, it acquired Hyperwallet, a global payments platform that provides organizations with fast, efficient and transparent growth. Read more 


Finally, PayPal made a purchase operation in March of this same year 2021. It acquired Curv, an American company dedicated to the creation of secure digital wallets, focused on financial institutions and crypto-natives. Read more 

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