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Fast-growing companies defy their limits

How are companies planning to grow and transform their businesses as the world emerges from the Covid-19 health crisis? Are they pursuing new routes or taking counter-intuitive approaches to achieving these targets? These are the questions underpinning our research in this report, the third in our Global Dealmakers 2021 series on global M&A and deal […]

Top 5 Best Companies to Invest In: Industrial Manufacturing

In this post we will identify and describe the best companies to invest in and, therefore, the most relevant within the Industrial Manufacturing sector. Despite being a very consolidated sector, it presents great investment opportunities as we have been able to observe in the Industrial Manufacturing sector Investment Report 2021 created by Baker Tilly analysts, […]

Top 5: Leading FinTech Investors in the World

The increasingly well-known FinTech sector is attracting the eyes of a greater number of investors, as can be seen in the Investment Report 2021 conducted by our specialists. In this news we will focus on identifying and analyzing the acquisitions made by the 5 largest investors in the FinTech world: Advent International BlackRock Broadridge Goldman Sachs […]

The EdTech sector and the impact of COVID-19

The Edtech sector, Educational Technology The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed our way of life, severely crippling the global economy. Many sectors were crippled and forced to reinvent themselves in order not to suffer major losses. Education is a case in point. Thanks to technology, the education sector has been able not only to sustain itself […]

Marketplace leaders make up 60% of business

Amazon, eBay and PayPay Mall have been able to make the most of this new type of business, the marketplace, responding to an increasingly dynamic and circular economy. This has allowed them to become the marketplace leaders, accounting for 60% of the sector's business. The concept of Marketplace as a web platform became very relevant, […]

DiliTrust acquires Gobertia | Press release

On July 31, 2021, DiliTrust acquires Gobertia. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the DiliTrust team in this transaction. Through this acquisition, Gobertia increases DiliTrust's market shares in Spain and Latin America, including Mexico, Peru, Colombia and Argentina, at a time when the region is increasingly sensitive to world-class corporate governance practices. The acquisition will […]

The importance of ESG in M&A sector

What is ESG? Environmental, social and governance (ESG) themes have risen in prominence over the past five years. From the growing efforts worldwide to tackle climate change to high-profile concerns such as the Black Lives Matters campaign, societies are increasingly determined to confront a broad range of issues. Businesses are expected to show their colours […]

Most relevant acquisitions in July 2021 in Spain

There have been 20 acquisitions in the technology sectors this past July, according to Crunchbase. Most of these acquisitions are related to companies in the healthcare sector, involving software products or services for medical processes and companies specializing in software. In this post we will focus on the most relevant acquisitions in July 2021 in […]

FinTech Investments: Techstars, the biggest investor in 2020

Techstars, 235 FinTech investments The famous American Venture Capital is the investor with the most companies invested in the FinTech sector, no less than 235 companies. Techstars is a global platform that offers investment and innovation thanks to its more than 3,200 investments. Its mission is to change the world through the thousands of entrepreneurs […]

Funding rounds in the Marketplace sector: more than 8,500

The Marketplace is a booming and fast-moving sector as defined in the articles Marketplace Leaders and Adevinta acquires eBay Cassifieds Group. In this article we will focus on the most important funding rounds in the Marketplace sector for various reasons. These are the Seed and Late Stage rounds. Funding rounds can be simply defined as […]

EdTech sector: largest acquisitions in 2020 and more active companies

The current global pandemic has suddenly boosted the Educational Technology or EdTech sector, as explained in the article "Edtech and the Covid-19", giving rise to totally surprising data on the largest acquisitions in 2020 and the companies with the greatest activity in the sector. Educational Technology could be defined as the use of resources, processes […]

Check out the 9 best FinTech companies in the industry

In this post we will describe the most relevant FinTech companies in a sector that is becoming increasingly active as can be seen in the Investment Report 2021 developed by Baker Tilly analysts, experts in the sector. Throughout this article, we will analyze the top 3 best FinTech companies according to 3 criteria: revenue range, […]

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