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Syntax buys Linke after 19.5% revenue increase over 2019

Syntax buys Linke: as analysed in the sector analysis carried out by our Baker Tilly analysts specialised in the technology sector, Cloud Computing is a sector that continues to grow. It is a sector that encompasses all types of companies, in terms of size, that are looking to renew and optimise themselves by managing, through […]

EdTech sector funding multiplies by 3 in 2020

As we have seen in the article "EdTech and Covid-19", the year 2020 has been no different for the Technology Education sector, where the pandemic has caused radical changes in the sector. This post will focus on identifying and analysing the "anomaly" produced, as far as movements are concerned, in the funding rounds in the […]

EdTech sector: largest acquisitions in 2020 and more active companies

The current global pandemic has suddenly boosted the Educational Technology or EdTech sector, as explained in the article "Edtech and the Covid-19", giving rise to totally surprising data on the largest acquisitions in 2020 and the companies with the greatest activity in the sector. Educational Technology could be defined as the use of resources, processes […]

The 3 leaders in the EdTech sector and its global presence

The education sector has been forced to adapt as much as anyone because of the Covid-19 pandemic, as explained in the article EdTech and Covid-19. Thanks to technology and thus the emergence of the so-called Educational Technology, the education sector has been able to cope with the pandemic, giving rise mainly to 3 leaders in […]

Funding rounds in the Marketplace sector: more than 8,500

The Marketplace is a booming and fast-moving sector as defined in the articles Marketplace Leaders and Adevinta acquires eBay Cassifieds Group. In this article we will focus on the most important funding rounds in the Marketplace sector for various reasons. These are the Seed and Late Stage rounds. Funding rounds can be simply defined as […]

The EdTech sector and the impact of COVID-19

The Edtech sector, Educational Technology The Covid-19 pandemic radically changed our way of life, severely crippling the global economy. Many sectors were crippled and forced to reinvent themselves in order not to suffer major losses. Education is a case in point. Thanks to technology, the education sector has been able not only to sustain itself […]

eBay Classifieds acquired by Adevinta, the marketplaces specialist, for $9.2bn

eBay Classifieds: Introduction to the Marketplace The concept of Marketplace as a web platform acquired great relevance after the emergence of the New Industry 4.0 caused by the development of digital transformation. Leading marketplaces such as Amazon, Alibaba and Ebay have been able to make the most of this type of business, responding to an […]

Jobandtalent, the online job platform, receives €100 million in its largest ever round of funding

Jobandtalent Jobandtalent, the online job platform, founded in 2009, is a technology-driven employment platform that aims to make the job market much more flexible and transparent, helping companies meet their hiring demands. It achieves this by being a highly personalized Marketplace (read our definition of Marketplace in the article Marketplace Leaders or in the investment […]

Marketplace leaders make up 60% of business

Amazon, eBay and PayPay Mall have been able to make the most of this new type of business, the marketplace, responding to an increasingly dynamic and circular economy. This has allowed them to become the marketplace leaders, accounting for 60% of the sector's business. The concept of Marketplace as a web platform became very relevant, […]

The last 3 sales of Spanish IT companies

In that article we identify and analyse the last 3 sales of Spanish IT companies Software DELSOL and Billin acquired by TeamSystem  On 17 February, TeamSystem, an Italian group controlled by US private equity firm Hellman & Friedman, announced the acquisition of two Spanish IT companies. First, it announced the purchase of 100% of the […]

56% increase in average valuation multiples of listed companies in the Software Applications Sector

Principal Variables Analysis Revenue growth Despite the current situation of the Covid-19, most of the listed companies have continued with a double-digit increase. For instance, the average has reached 20% and the median 19%. Furthermore, more than 60% has grown above 15%. According to the Top Revenue Growth, Cloudera is the one which shows the […]

Baker Tilly GDA: corporate finance company with expertise in the technology sector

Baker Tilly GDA is a corporate finance company with expertise in the technology sector that stands out from other firms due to its technological focus. We have a specialised M&A offering in the technology sector with a European focus and we are recurrently ranked in the top 10 in the mid and small market at […]

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