AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics: Technology Acquisitions that are Redefining the Global Business Landscape in 2023

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BY : Paul von KesselFebruary Wed, 2024

The world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics is constantly buzzing, with large companies in a frantic race to reach the top of the innovation ladder. From Accenture's strategic technology acquisitions to strengthen its cloud presence and customer experience, to Sony Interactive Entertainment's bold moves into the realm of virtual reality, every move in this world sparks insatiable interest. In this article we dive into the world of technology acquisitions (focused on AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics) that are redefining the global business landscape.

Technology Acquisitions - AI, ML & DA

1. Accenture acquires On Service, Redkite and Sirfin-PA.

Accenture aims to expand its presence in the cloud market and strengthen its offerings in Salesforce technologies through the acquisition of On Service (2023-10-18). This consulting firm specializing in Salesforce and cloud technologies will bring greater competition in the industry, which could spur innovation and lead to new services for customers.

On the other hand, the acquisition of Redkite (2023-12-17) aims to expand Accenture's involvement in the defense and space sector, leveraging Redkite's expertise in digital engineering and autonomous systems. This could significantly contribute to technological innovation in this field, thereby strengthening Accenture's position in the market.

Finally, the incorporation of Sirfin-PA (2023-12-22) seeks to strengthen Accenture's presence in Brazil and improve its offering of SAP services and customer experience (CX) platforms. This Brazilian consulting firm specializing in SAP and CX could increase competition in the technology consulting market in Brazil, in addition to improving the customer experience for companies in that country.

These acquisitions demonstrate Accenture's interest in expanding into strategic areas such as cloud, defense, and customer experience. They also reflect the overall trend among major technology consultancies to make acquisitions to broaden their service portfolios and stay at the forefront of innovation.

2. Bayer acquires Blackford Analysis

On January 18, 2023, Bayer acquired Blackford Analysis with the purpose of expanding its offering of digital solutions, specifically in the field of radiology, by complementing its portfolio of medical imaging with Blackford Analysis' advanced artificial intelligence (AI) technology. This acquisition aims to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of medical diagnosis by enabling healthcare professionals to analyze medical images more quickly and precisely, thereby improving patient care. Additionally, by gaining access to the markets of the United States and the United Kingdom where Blackford Analysis is present, Bayer can expand its reach in these territories.

3. Deloitte acquires 27pilots

On January 13, 2023, Deloitte acquired 27pilots with the purpose of expanding its digital services offerings, leveraging 27pilots' expertise in key areas such as service design, user experience, digital marketing, and software development. This acquisition aims to complement Deloitte's capabilities in digital transformation and enhance its ability to assist clients in adapting to new technologies and navigating digital disruption. Additionally, by gaining access to the markets of Spain and Latin America, where 27pilots has a presence, Deloitte can expand its reach in these territories.

4. IBM acquires StreamSets and webMethods

On December 18, 2023, IBM entered into a definitive agreement with Software AG to acquire StreamSets and webMethods, its data integration platforms as a service (iPaaS). IBM made this acquisition with the intention of enhancing its capabilities in artificial intelligence (AI) and hybrid cloud. It also seeks to strengthen IBM's position in the competitive enterprise software market, enabling it to compete more effectively with other industry giants such as Microsoft and Oracle.

5. Orange acquires expertime

The acquisition of Expertime on December 20, 2023 by Orange, responds to several strategic motives. First, it seeks to broaden Orange's digital services offering by integrating Expertime's expertise in key technologies such as Open Digital, Azure, Office 365 and machine learning, which complements Orange's offering in the field of digital transformation. In addition, this acquisition aims to strengthen Orange's position in the enterprise market by leveraging Expertime's strong enterprise customer base, which will enable Orange to expand its reach in this key segment.

Furthermore, the acquisition provides Orange with access to Expertime's team expertise and talent, composed of highly skilled professionals in emerging technologies, benefiting Orange in its innovation and development projects.

6. Robinhood acquires Chartr

The acquisition of Chartr on December 21, 2023, by Robinhood, responds to several strategic motives. First, it seeks to expand Robinhood's investment tool offering by incorporating the technical and social analytics tools offered by Chartr, which complements Robinhood's core investment tools and enriches the user experience. This integration also aims to enhance Robinhood's user experience by providing users with more advanced tools to make more informed investment decisions. In addition, the acquisition gives Robinhood access to Chartr's active user base, which represents an opportunity to expand its reach and offer its services to a wider audience.

7. ASSA Abloy Group acquires 12 companies in the security and hardware sector.

ASSA Abloy Group has made a series of significant acquisitions in the security and hardware sector during 2023 and early 2024.

ASSA Abloy's acquisition of CrewSight on March 15, 2023 is primarily aimed at expanding the company's digital security services offering. This translates into a stronger presence in the digital security market and the ability to offer more integrated solutions to customers, thus strengthening ASSA Abloy's position in this segment.

The acquisition of Mottura on March 30, 2023 aims to strengthen ASSA Abloy's position in the European lock and security systems market. By integrating Mottura, ASSA Abloy expects to increase its market share and gain access to Mottura's technology and expertise, which will enable it to offer more advanced solutions tailored to the needs of the European market.

The incorporation of Sunray Engineering on July 26, 2023 expands ASSA Abloy's access control and electronic security product offering. This represents an expansion of its product portfolio and the possibility to offer more complete solutions to its customers, thus strengthening its position in the security and access control market.

The acquisition of Gallery Specialty Hardware and Lawrence Hardware (2023-09-07) aims to strengthen ASSA Abloy's presence in the U.S. architectural hardware market. By increasing its market share and accessing the distribution network of both companies, ASSA Abloy seeks to consolidate its position in this segment.

The acquisition of Forte on September 21, 2023 is aimed at expanding ASSA Abloy's offering of automatic doors and entrance solutions. By diversifying its product portfolio, the company will be able to offer more comprehensive solutions to its customers, covering a broader spectrum of security and access needs.

The integration of Inovadoor (2023-10-03) and Securitech (2023-10-04) aims to strengthen ASSA Abloy's presence in the fire and security door market. By increasing its market share and accessing the expertise and technology of both companies, ASSA Abloy seeks to position itself as a relevant player in this segment.

The acquisition of Leone Fench (2023-12-05) and Ghost Controls (2023-12-07) is intended to expand ASSA Abloy's offering of perimeter security and wireless electronic access control systems. By expanding its product portfolio, the company will be able to offer more innovative solutions tailored to its customers' needs in this area.

The acquisition of Integrated Warehouse Solutions (2024-01-22) and Amecor (2024-01-23) seeks to expand ASSA Abloy's presence in the logistics and warehouse automation solutions market. By diversifying its business and offering integrated supply chain solutions, ASSA Abloy aims to position itself as a leading supplier in this sector.

8. EY acquires eBorn Consulting and adameo

The acquisition of eBorn Consulting on January 13, 2023, has as its main objective to expand EY's digital transformation and customer experience consulting services offering. This will allow EY to access eBorn Consulting's expertise and specialized talent in key areas such as Salesforce, SAP and Oracle, thus strengthening its ability to offer comprehensive solutions tailored to its clients' needs in the field of digital transformation.

The acquisition of adameo on March 21, 2023, seeks to strengthen EY's ability to help companies manage their data and risk more effectively. By integrating adameo, EY will expand its portfolio of data and risk management solutions, leveraging adameo's technology and expertise to offer more advanced and customized services to its clients.

9. Sony Interactive Entertainment acquires iSize Technologies

The acquisition of iSize Technologies on November 2, 2023 by SIE, has as its main motives to improve the user experience in its gaming platforms by leveraging iSize Technologies' eye-tracking technology. This technology can be employed to optimize in-game interaction, either by controlling the user interface or creating more immersive experiences. In addition, it seeks to develop new gaming technologies and strengthen SIE's position in the virtual and augmented reality market, where eye tracking is critical for more natural interaction.

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