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Investment Analysis 2021 of the Corporate Training Sector

¿Qué es el sector Corporate Training? El Corporate Training o Formación Corporativa, en su definición literal al castellano, tiene varios nombres, el más utilizado actualmente es el de “aprendizaje en el lugar de trabajo”. Este nombre realmente no es el más adecuado ya que los cursos para empresas no tienen por qué realizarse en el […]

Investment analysis 2021 of the AdTech industry

What is the AdTech sector? The term AdTech stands for Advertising Technology. This new part of advertising is responsible for helping agencies and brands to target, deliver and analyse their digital advertising efforts through software tools. AdTech companies were created with [....]

mHealth Investment Report 2021

What is the mHealth sector? The mHealth sector is the practice of mobile devices in medicine, detecting or monitoring the different biological changes that we can suffer. From an app on your mobile phone that sets up an exercise routine, to a device that allows your doctor to monitor you remotely, to a device that allows you to [...]

Industrial Manufacturing sector Investment Report 2021

What is the "Industrial Manufacturing" sector? The Manufacturing Industry or Industrial Manufacturing sector uses raw materials to produce goods which, after transformation through machinery, tools and technology, are then sold to distributors who take care of the final marketing. The manufacturing industry belongs to the industrial sector, also known as industrial [...]

FinTech Investment Review 2021

What is the FinTech sector? Financial technology, also known as FinTech, uses technology to offer financial services and products to customers. In other words, companies engaged in the FinTech sector carry out financial activities using the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, mobile applications, etc. In this way, access to financial products is [....]

Investment Analysis 2021 of the Industrial Automation sector

What is the "Industrial Automation" sector? The Industrial Automation sector represents the whole industry concerning the use of control systems, such as computers or robots, and the use of information technologies, in order to modify the operation of different machines and processes in order to automate them, thus dispensing with the need to [...]

Cloud Computing Sector Investment Report 2021

What is Cloud Computing? As described by Salesforce, cloud computing, simply defined, is a technology that allows remote access to software, file storage and data processing over the Internet as an alternative to operating on a personal computer or local server. [...]

SaaS sector Investment Report 2021

What is the "SaaS industry"? Software as a service, known as SaaS, is a software distribution model in which a third-party provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. In other words, SaaS involves third-party providers hosting, maintaining, and supporting [...]

AgTech sector investment report 2021

What is the "AgTech" sector? Agriculture Technology is the application of advanced technology such as, for example, artificial intelligence in the agricultural sector. Its main objective is to increase efficiency and productivity leading to higher profitability, which is much needed in sectors such as agriculture.

PaaS sector investment report

What is the "PaaS" sector? Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud service. Previously, when a customer wanted to develop or host an application, they had to have an infrastructure and a physical database, often disproportionately large. However, thanks to PaaS, companies can now contract with cloud service providers to develop and host their own applications.

IaaS sector investment report 2021

What is the "IaaS sector"? Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) is a method of delivering computing, storage, networking and other capabilities over the Internet. IaaS allows businesses to use web-based operating systems, applications and storage without having to purchase, manage and support infrastructure [...]

EdTech sector investment report

What is the "EdTech" sector? Educational Technology, or EdTech, is a very broad concept that refers to the process of designing, analysing, developing, implementing and evaluating learning in all its forms with the aim of improving the educational process by making it more engaging, inclusive and individualised. In other words, it could be defined as the use of technological resources, processes and systems to improve [...]

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