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Webinar "Tech M&A Update" March 2024

¿Estás al tanto de las últimas tendencias y movimientos en el mundo de las M&A activities tecnológicas? Baker Tilly Advisory te invita a participar en nuestro próximo webinar mensual, "Tech M&A Update Marzo", donde compartiremos análisis expertos, perspectivas actuales, referencias de valoración y las oportunidades más emocionantes en el sector tecnológico. Fecha: 15 de […]

Valuation Report about Software Applications 2023

¿Deseas comprender los estados financieros de la industria de las aplicaciones de software? El Informe de Valoración de la Industria de Aplicaciones de Software 2023, desarrollado por Baker Tilly, brinda una exploración exhaustiva de este sector en constante evolución. En este análisis, se examinan minuciosamente 429 empresas que operan en el ámbito de las aplicaciones […]

Advertising Valuation Report 2023

¿Interesado en comprender los aspectos financieros fundamentales del mundo publicitario? El Informe de Valoración de la Industria Publicitaria 2023, elaborado por Baker Tilly, ofrece una visión exhaustiva del sector de la publicidad. Este informe examina detalladamente 91 empresas dentro del ámbito publicitario, proporcionando un análisis completo de los estados financieros, características y múltiplos de la […]

Baker Tilly advises Becolve Digital on its acquisition of spanish hardware distributor Monolitic

The acquisition of Monolitic by Spanish industrial and infrastructure solutions provider Becolve Digital was completed in February 2024. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Becolve team on this transaction. The integration of Monolitic and Becolve Digital allows them to become a one-stop-shop for their clients in terms of […]

2023 Information Technology Valuation Report

Curious about the financial underpinnings of the IT industry? What are the current industry multiples? The 2023 Information Technology Valuation Report by Baker Tilly provides an overview of the IT and digital services sector. It encompasses a comprehensive analysis of 242 listed companies [...]

Investment Trends in Enterprise Software2023 - 9 Key Transactions

El sector del software empresarial 2023 vivió una fase dinámica y transformadora en 2023, marcada por una serie de inversiones clave que tuvieron un gran impacto en el entorno empresarial. A través de la creación de soluciones innovadoras y puntos de referencia inventivos, estas inversiones no solo revolucionaron la competitividad del mercado, sino que también […]

Who are the top tech giants: The titans of technology

In recent decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented revolution in technology. From the advent of the first computers to the global spread of the Internet, technology has penetrated every aspect of our daily lives. In this context, a group of companies has emerged as the undisputed leader, dominating the [...]

Israel's technology: the tech giant in the midst of war

In a fast-moving world, Israel's technology has emerged as a key player on the global stage in the technology sector. As an M&A activities (M&A) advisor specialising in the technology space, it is imperative to explore Israel's unique role in innovation and understand how geopolitical, economic, political and social conflicts are affecting the [...]

Global Dealmakers 2023: European M&A market update

The European M&A market in 2023 has gone through a tumultuous period marked by a number of macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. The combination of rising interest rates, rising energy costs and geopolitical uncertainties, in particular the current situation in Ukraine, has created a complex environment for […]

valantic announces the addition of SAP Gold-Partner Saptools to the group

valantic and Saptools Consulting have announced the agreement whereby the consulting and implementation specialist becomes part of the German valantic group. Baker Tilly Advisory Services advised the valantic team on the acquisition. Through this transaction, valantic takes a bold step towards securing the leading position in the [...]

Baker Tilly advises clinical software coding specialist Bitac on its sale to multinational IQVIA

The acquisition of a majority stake in Bitac by the multinational IQVIA has recently been completed. Baker Tilly Advisory Services has advised the Bitac team in this transaction. The Barcelona-based company Bitac joins a multinational group that will allow it to continue growing and IQVIA acquires a cutting-edge technology with the capacity to facilitate the [...]

Baker Tilly advises Ibermodul on its sale to Muebles Montiel

In July 2023, the acquisition of 100% of the shares in Ibermodul by the business group that owns Muebles Montiel was completed. Baker Tilly Advisory Services advised the Ibermodul team on this transaction. With the purchase of Ibermodul, Muebles Montiel takes an important step to reinforce its position as one of the leading suppliers of furniture [...]

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