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IDP acquires ECOINTEGRAL - engineering specialist in energy and telecommunications sector

El 14 de enero de 2022 se formalizó la adquisición de ECOINTEGRAL por parte del grupo de ingeniería IDP. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance ha asesorado a la propiedad de ECOINTEGRAL en esta transacción. El equipo directivo de ECOINTEGRAL seguirá liderado por Francisco Gabriel Martín como Director General y su Consejo de Administración presidido por Juan […]

valantic acquires Abaco Consulting | Press release

The merger of VALANTIC with ABACO Consulting was agreed on 13 December 2021. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the VALANTIC team on this transaction. The market for SAP-based business transformation consulting is characterised by an extremely high demand, which will continue or even increase in the coming years.

Valuation analysis of 20 Advertising companies

This post analyzes the values of 20 Advertising companies listed on different European stock exchanges. The Advertising companies sector is a very large sector, with a remarkable consolidation, but with a great future due to the forced integration of technology in the sector, giving rise to new specialized companies. In this article, we will show […]

Oakley Capital, the Private Equity with the largest investment in Advertising in Spain in 2021

Although Oakley Capital does not appear in the top Spanish advertising companies invested, it is the Private Equity with the largest investment in the sector in Spain. This is because on September 14, 2021, it made an investment in Seedtag, a Madrid-based advertising company that uses artificial intelligence technology to understand the tastes of consumers […]

17 Marketplace companies: Valuation analysis

This post analyses the values of 17 Marketplace companies listed on different European stock exchanges. The Marketplace sector is a sector with great growth in recent years and that, in the year 2021, driven by the pandemic, has increased the sector's operations and its growth in a big way. We have been able to see[…]

Venture Capital Marketplace: Most active investors in the sector

The Marketplace market has been boosted, to a large extent, by the lockdown caused by the pandemic. Already 2020 was a year in which the venture capital Marketplace was very active and maintained investment numbers and even surpassed 2019. And in 2021, the number of investments will [...]

Key variables and valuation by multiples in the Cloud Computing sector

Based on key variables and the valuation by multiples of a company, we are going to analyse the values of 17 Cloud Computing companies listed on different European stock exchanges. This Cloud Computing sector is a sector with great growth in recent years and which has begun to consolidate as shown in the following table.

Fintech Analysis: Key valuation variables of 15 Fintech companies

This post will focus on the 15 most relevant companies listed on European markets, which are within the Fintech sector. The sector has had a great growth as shown in the investment analysis carried out by our expert analysts in the sector. In this fintech analysis, we will show the main variables to [...]

Investing in which sector? Most active investors in Industrial Manufacturing

A question on every investor's mind is "I have money to invest, but which company or sector should I invest in?" It is not at all easy to make a decision if you have not carried out a prior analysis of the sectors of activity. A sector with a long and stable track record is [...]

Health apps: 3 relevant companies in the mHealth sector

The mHealth or Mobile Health sector has seen great growth in recent years, especially when the pandemic began, as mHealth offers services that medicine as we knew it had not been able to offer. Thanks to Mobile Health companies and their health apps, it has been possible to treat patients remotely, manage data remotely, and [...]

MotorK acquires DAPDA Motor Digital | Press release

On 8 October 2021, the definitive agreement for the acquisition of DAPDA Motor Digital by MotorK was signed. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the DAPDA team on this sale transaction. It is a business move that aims to broaden MotorK's geographic reach in Spain, categorising it in the Spanish market, [...]

Most relevant IT purchases in September 2021 in Spain

Last September, some 15 acquisitions were made in the technology sectors. IT acquisitions span a wide range of sectors, from biotech experts to the gaming industry to companies offering cybersecurity services or those involved in healthcare. See also our recent mHealth Investment Report 2021. [...]

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