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Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) 

Accelerate your Business Growth with our Comprehensive Advice
Rely on specialised M&A advisors for your business transactions. Fast, targeted decision making is crucial for success.
We are leaders in mergers and acquisitions for SMEs and we offer a national and international service. We currently have a large team of specialist consultants who follow a proprietary methodology that assesses both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the sector and is reinforced with the latest market valuations to verify their validity and accuracy.

We also carry more than 10 years of experience in M&A transactions for SMEs and applied to different sectors: financial, technological, industrial, distribution, retail & FMCG, construction, healthcare...
mergers and acquisitions

We guide you in your domestic mergers and acquisitions transaction

Are you looking for other companies to acquire, do you need to sell all or part of your company, do you need to accelerate your growth and increase your market share? Our "Mergers & Acquisitions" department specialises in strategic operations, both national and international, and has a global vision offering a continuous contact in the different processes.

The service of M&A advice we offer is presented as the perfect solution to achieve your goals as:

  • Procurement advice
  • Search for target companies with their own specialised technology
  • Synergy analysis
  • Negotiation of economic and non-economic terms
  • Strategies and processes that create value

Our team works in perfect coordination and most strategies are implemented in a short space of time. As experts we know all the hurdles and can work with you to develop a road map that will make your acquisition and financing at national or international level a success.

Why engage the services of Baker Tilly GDA as an M&A consultant?

Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory is a consultancy of M&A that offers its customers a personalised service for the acquisition, sale, capital increase or valuation of your company. Our market analysis capacity allows us to provide an individualised vision of the company and its sector so that our clients can make the best decisions.

This sector knowledge allows us to identify the variables that influence a better or worse valuation. We are able to consider both quantitative financial variables and other qualitative variables such as revenue quality, talent, intellectual property, etc.

As a result of our work with companies in high-growth sectors, we have acquired knowledge and experience in specific valuation methods. In addition, indicate that Baker Tilly International is in the Top 10 of the world ranking of professional services firms.The company offers a global reach with local knowledge, local teams and extensive experience in high-growth sectors.

Market Research

Our Intelfin tool helps you understand and improve your strategy to identify the opportunities and risks hidden in your data. With rigorous models, you can make more accurate forecasts and better manage decisions.