Investment Trends in Enterprise Software2023 - 9 Key Transactions

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BY : Paul von KesselDecember Fri, 2023

The enterprise software industry 2023 experienced a dynamic and transformative phase in 2023, marked by a number of key investments that had a major impact on the business environment. Through the creation of innovative solutions and inventive benchmarks, these investments not only revolutionised market competitiveness, but also shaped the future of enterprise software 2024.

In this context, we highlight a number of significant transactions that drove the growth and development of the sector, from investments in start-ups to strategic acquisitions , each of which added a unique set of benefits and contributions to the 2023 enterprise software ecosystem. We will delve into the most significant investments that left a lasting mark on this rapidly evolving technology landscape.

atSistemas acquires Incipy

atSistemas, a Spanish digital services consultancy, closed the acquisition of Incipy, a consultancy specialising in digital transformation and strategy, on 4 April 2023.

The acquisition of Incipy will allow atSistemas to expand its offering of digital transformation services. Incipy is a leader in this market, with extensive experience in designing and implementing digital solutions for companies of all sizes. The company offers a range of services, including consulting, software development, systems integration and project management.

cegid acquires Informatica 3

Cegid, a French business management software company, closed the acquisition of Informatica 3, a Spanish business management software company, on 1 March 2023.

The acquisition of Informatica 3 will enable Cegid to expand its presence in the Spanish market. Informatica 3 is a leader in this market, with extensive experience in developing and implementing business management solutions for companies of all sizes. The company offers a range of products, including ERP, CRM, SCM and HCM.

SAP buys LeanIX

SAP, a German enterprise software company, closed the acquisition of LeanIX, a German enterprise architecture management (EAM) software company, on 7 September 2023.

The acquisition of LeanIX will enable SAP to expand its offering of enterprise architecture management solutions. LeanIX is a leader in this market, with extensive experience in visualising, analysing and managing enterprise architectures. The company offers a range of products and services, including EAM software, consulting and training.

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Nokia invests in Fenix Group

Nokia, a global leader in telecommunications technology, announced the acquisition of Fenix Group, a privately held company specialising in 3GPP tactical communications solutions for the defence sector, on 12 December 2023.

Nokia's acquisition of Fenix Group boosts its offering of tactical communications solutions for the defence market. Fenix Group, recognised for its expertise in tactical networking, strengthens Nokia's position with its Banshee family of products, ideal for military applications requiring secure and efficient connectivity. This strategic acquisition reflects Nokia's commitment to the defence market, as it seeks to expand its portfolio of solutions and consolidate its leadership in military communications technologies.

Redwood Software invests in Cerberusftp and Tidal Software

Redwood Software, a file management software company, announced the acquisition of Cerberusftp, a secure file transfer software company on 31 January 2023.

Redwood Software's strategic acquisition of Cerberusftp represents a significant step in expanding its offering of secure file transfer solutions. Cerberusftp, a leader in this field, brings extensive experience in protecting sensitive files, offering a range of products and services, from FTP servers to secure file management solutions in the cloud.

This transaction benefits Redwood Software by expanding its product portfolio and global reach, consolidating its position as a market leader and enhancing its ability to meet customer demands worldwide.

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Also, Redwood Software anounced the acquisition of Tidal Software,a cloud-based file management software company, on 5 January 2023.

Redwood Software's strategic acquisition of Tidal Software represents a significant step in expanding its offering of cloud file management solutions. Tidal Software, as a leader in this market, brings extensive experience in cloud file management for businesses of all sizes, offering services that include cloud file storage, sharing and management.

This transaction benefits Redwood Software by broadening its product portfolio, expanding its global footprint and strengthening its cloud file management capabilities, thereby consolidating its position as a market leader and enhancing its ability to meet customer demands worldwide.

Freepik invests in EyeEm, Iconfinder, Original Mockups, and Videvo

Freepik invests in EyeEm, Iconfinder, Original Mockups and Videvo to strengthen its position in the creative assets market.

The strategic investment in EyeEm, closed on 12 October 2023, represents a significant milestone for Freepik in integrating the leading German photo platform. EyeEm, with more than 10 million photographers and a portfolio exceeding 100 million images, significantly expands Freepik's photo resource offering. This deal enriches Freepik's resource catalogue, providing customers with greater variety and quality. It also strengthens Freepik's presence in Germany, one of its key markets, building on EyeEm's strong position in this country.

In the case of Iconfinder, the investment, closed on 4 October 2022, boosts Freepik's icon resource offering. Iconfinder, a Danish company with a collection of over 2.5 million icons, significantly enhances the diversity and quality of Freepik's resources. The acquisition reinforces Freepik's presence in Denmark, strengthening its connection with local users and improving its ability to meet the specific demands of this market.

The investment in Original Mockups, which also closes on 4 October 2022, enables a significant expansion of Freepik's mockup resource offering. Original Mockups, a Colombian company with a library of over 100,000 mockups, enriches Freepik's catalogue of mockup resources, providing greater variety and quality. The acquisition strengthens Freepik's presence in Colombia, consolidating its position in this emerging market.

Finally, the investment in Videvo, which closes on 20 June 2022, enables a substantial expansion of Freepik's video asset offering. Videvo, a UK company with a library of over 100,000 videos, enhances Freepik's catalogue of video assets, providing greater diversity and quality.

It also consolidates Freepik's presence in the UK, its second largest market, strengthening its connection with local users and enhancing its ability to meet the specific demands of this market. These strategic investments underline Freepik's commitment to the continuous improvement of its service offering and its geographic expansion, consolidating it as a leading player in the global visual assets market.

 The Uptime Institute acquires Leet Security

The Uptime Institute, a leading international organisation setting standards for critical infrastructure reliability and availability, has announced the acquisition of Leet Security, a cyber security consulting firm focused on critical infrastructure protection. The transaction closed on 14 February 2023.

The Uptime Institute's strategic acquisition of Leet Security marks a significant step in expanding its offering of cyber security services for critical infrastructure. Leet Security, a leader in the field, brings extensive experience in protecting critical networks, systems and data, offering a full range of services including vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, training and consulting.

This transaction benefits The Uptime Institute by expanding its portfolio of cyber security services and expertise, enabling it to offer its clients comprehensive and specialised solutions. The acquisition also strengthens The Uptime Institute's market position by integrating Leet Security's talented team, consolidating its leadership in critical infrastructure protection. In summary, this acquisition strengthens The Uptime Institute's ability to meet the growing demands of critical infrastructure cyber security, reaffirming its position as a leading provider in this specialised sector.


Undoubtedly a turning point for the enterprise software sector 2023, marked by a series of strategic moves that not only changed the face of the market but also laid the foundations for the future of the industry. Through these investments and acquisitions, companies not only sought to consolidate their position but also to anticipate the needs of an ever-changing market, demonstrating the importance of innovation and adaptability in the business world.

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