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AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics: Technology Acquisitions that are Redefining the Global Business Landscape in 2023

The world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics is constantly buzzing, with large companies in a frantic race to reach the top of the innovation ladder. From Accenture's strategic technology acquisitions to strengthen its cloud presence and customer experience, to Sony's bold moves [...]

Valuation Report about Software Applications 2023

Want to understand the financials of the software applications industry? The Software Applications Industry Valuation Report 2023, developed by Baker Tilly, provides a comprehensive exploration of this evolving sector. In this analysis, 429 companies operating in the software applications space are closely scrutinised [...]

Advertising 2023 - The 5 Biggest Deals in the Sector

The Advertising 2023 sector witnessed a dynamic transformation, marked by strategic investments that redefined the market's competitiveness and shaped its future. These investments introduced innovative solutions and creative approaches that sculpted the business landscape. We highlight key transactions that drove the growth and evolution of the industry, from investments in start-ups to new businesses, to the [...]

Advertising Valuation Report 2023

Interested in understanding the financial fundamentals of the advertising world? Baker Tilly's Advertising Industry Valuation Report 2023 provides a comprehensive view of the advertising industry. This report examines 91 companies within the advertising space in detail, providing a comprehensive analysis of the advertising industry's financial statements, characteristics and multiples of the [...]

Baker Tilly advises Becolve Digital on its acquisition of spanish hardware distributor Monolitic

The acquisition of Monolitic by Spanish industrial and infrastructure solutions provider Becolve Digital was completed in February 2024. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Becolve team on this transaction. The integration of Monolitic and Becolve Digital allows them to become a one-stop-shop for their clients in terms of […]

IT Sector in 2023: Acquisitions in Europe that have had a Major Impact

The significant acquisitions made in the IT sector in 2023 changed the competitive environment and direction of the rapidly evolving IT industry. These calculated deals have not only signaled a turning point in the merger of industry leaders, but have also shown where new collaborations and solutions can be found [...]

2023 Information Technology Valuation Report

Curious about the financial underpinnings of the IT industry? What are the current industry multiples? The 2023 Information Technology Valuation Report by Baker Tilly provides an overview of the IT and digital services sector. It encompasses a comprehensive analysis of 242 listed companies [...]

Information Technology Sector in Spain: Key Acquisitions in 2022-2023

The acquisitions of 2023 have redefined the competition and trajectory of the information technology (IT) sector.These strategic transactions not only marked a shift in the consolidation of industry leaders, but also revealed new opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to emerging challenges. These acquisitions have left […]

Investment Trends in Enterprise Software2023 - 9 Key Transactions

The enterprise software industry 2023 experienced a dynamic and transformative phase in 2023, marked by a number of key investments that had a major impact on the business environment. Through the creation of innovative solutions and inventive benchmarks, these investments not only revolutionised the competitiveness of the market, but also [...]

Who are the top tech giants: The titans of technology

In recent decades, we have witnessed an unprecedented revolution in technology. From the advent of the first computers to the global spread of the Internet, technology has penetrated every aspect of our daily lives. In this context, a group of companies has emerged as the undisputed leader, dominating the [...]

Israel's technology: the tech giant in the midst of war

In a fast-moving world, Israel's technology has emerged as a key player on the global stage in the technology sector. As an mergers and acquisitions (M&A) advisor specialising in the technology space, it is imperative to explore Israel's unique role in innovation and understand how geopolitical, economic, political and social conflicts are affecting the [...]

Global Dealmakers 2023: European M&A market update

The European M&A market in 2023 has gone through a tumultuous period marked by a number of macroeconomic and geopolitical challenges. The combination of rising interest rates, rising energy costs and geopolitical uncertainties, in particular the current situation in Ukraine, has created a complex environment for […]

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