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Webinar: How to value a company

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The poet Antonio Machado said "Only the fool confuses value with price",

To find out how to value a companyFirstly, one must be aware that value has a subjective character, i.e. the value will be higher or lower depending on who is valuing. However, price, unlike value, is a purely objective concept as it is the amount for which a transaction is carried out. This seemingly clear definition is often the source of conflict between the participants in, for example, a company sale and purchase transaction. 

Webinar: How to value a company

At Baker Tilly we know first-hand that there are often entrepreneurs who are considering the sale of their company, but are faced with questions such as: What is the best way to do this? 

  • Is value the same as price?
  • When would I need a valuation of my company?
  • Is the value of my business the same as the value of the shares?
  • Which valuation method should I use?
  • What is the Discount Rate and what is it for?

In this webinar on how to value a company, we will answer fundamental questions from Diego Gutierrez and Cristina Salmonprofessionals who are experts in the valuation of companies in the technology sector. 

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Diego Gutiérrez Zarza, partner at Baker Tilly. Diego specializes in business development and SME growth processes: innovation, mergers and acquisitionspartnerships, integration, etc. With a special focus on finding alternative financing such as private equity, venture capital, corporate acquirers, family office, business angel or crowdfunding. It has experience in more than 20 deals, leveraging funds of more than € 50MM.



Cristina Salmón Sobremazas, Chief Analyst at Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory. Graduated in Economics and specialised in Economic Analysis, Econometrics and Quantitative Economics (UPV), Cristina is part of Baker Tilly's team of M&A analysts focused on the technology sector. She has extensive experience in Corporate Finance and company valuation, applying statistical models for company customisation.   

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