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Investment Analysis of the Advertising Sector 2023.

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The Advertising sector encompasses the revenues earned by any advertising activity or agency providing advertising services, including display advertising services. The industry thrives on innovation, adapting to new technologies and trends to deliver impactful communication that influences consumer behaviour. Ultimately, the advertising industry contributes to the success of companies in a competitive market.

A peculiarity of the Advertising industry is that it focuses on persuasion and communication. While other industries focus primarily on producing and delivering goods or services, the main objective of the advertising industry is to influence consumer behaviour and perception. The sector offers a wide range of opportunities for professionals with skills in communication, marketing, digital environments and consumer behaviour.

The advertising industry offers several advantages. On the one hand, it increases brand awareness through strategic advertising campaigns, and helps to broaden the customer base and differentiate from competitors. On the other hand, by creating demand for products or services, advertising can stimulate consumer interest, generate leads and drive conversions, resulting in higher sales volumes and financial growth. In addition, the growing advertising industry contributes to economic growth and job creation, as well as influencing and reflecting cultural trends and social values, which help to raise awareness and promote positive change.

What does 2023 hold in store for the Advertising sector?

In the report, the most common and current types of advertising are mentioned, some of which are: audiovisual advertising, which refers to the promotion of goods and services in the audiovisual world, particularly advertising on television, radio, cinema, video games; digital advertising, which utilizes Internet technologies to deliver promotional ads to consumers; and, among others, outdoor advertising, which includes any outdoor advertising that showcases the products or services of any company, such as billboards and bus shelters.

Continuing with the qualitative aspect, the Market Study also provides information on some of the most active niches in the industry. Specifically, we have grouped and analyzed the niches taking into account the acquired funding and the acquisitions of 2022.

El sector Advertising sigue en auge en este 2023

Furthermore, the Market Study presents 9 trends for this year 2023. The use of new technologies is the common thread among these trends, and it's not surprising, as in the advertising sector, an increasing number of companies are developing software to digitize advertising and reach consumers in a faster and more efficient manner.

Regarding the quantitative aspect, the first part of the report refers to the financing carried out by companies in the sector. It is observed that the trend is highly positive, considering that from 2019 to 2022, the sector experienced increased financing due to the COVID-19 crisis, which compelled society to digitize their way of doing things. At the same time, the report shows that the United States is the country with the highest financing, which, along with the United Kingdom, accounts for over 50% of the market, followed by China and Canada. The report also provides information on financing segmented by different categories.

On the other hand, regarding acquisitions, we can see that there has been a lot of activity, and there is a highly positive trend with a total of 553 acquisitions by companies in the sector or 583 companies acquired in the sector, compared to the data from 2022. In terms of financing, the report also indicates that 2021 was the year with the highest number of acquisitions, as it was an exceptional year.

Is the advertising industry growing?

A very important section of the report is related to the maturity of the industry, as it identifies the subsectors and types of companies that belong to the stages of innovation, growth, or consolidation. In the report, you will find the most popular categories in each stage and more information about their significance in the industry. Additionally, the section also showcases the latest acquisitions, investments, and initial public offerings (IPOs) of companies in the sector.

Finally, the market research provides an overview of the advertising industry in Spain. In this section, you can see the latest developments in the sector, but focused on Spain, including the companies that have been acquired, those that have been sold, and some potential investors

If you want to access the AdTech 2021 report to assess the evolution of the advertising sector, you can access it here.

Investment Analysis of the Advertising Sector 2023.

Table of contents
  1. Feed Summary
    1. Sector Overview
    2. Word Cloud
    3. What is Advertisting?
    4. Advertising & Markeing
    5. Advertising Types
    6. Segmentation
    7. Clustering
      1. By Funding
      2. By Acquisitions
    8. Value Chain
    9. Market Trends
    10. SWOT
    11. Market Value
  2. Funding
    1. Global Funding
    2. Global Funding by Geography
    3. Global Funding by Sectors
    4. Global Funding Funnel
  3. M&A
    1. Global Acquisitions
    2. Global Acquisitions by Geography
    3. Global Acquisitions by Sectors
    4. Latest Acquisitions
  4. IPOs
    1. Latest IPOs
  5. Market Maturity Level
    1. Innovation
    2. Growth
    3. Consolidation
  6. Investments
    1. Most Active Investors in the last 3 years
    2. Latest Investments
  7. Overview of the sector in Spain
    1. Completed transactions
    2. Examples of potential investors
    3. Independent agencies vs. large agencies
    4. Technology-focused companies
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Investment Analysis of the Advertising Sector 2023.
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