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Information Technology Market Investment Report

What is it? IT services refers to the application of business and technical knowledge to enable organizations in the creation, management and optimization or access to information and business processes The IT services market can be segmented according to the type of skills that are used to provide the service ( building, running) There are […]

Energy Storage Market Investment Report

What is it? The energy storage is concentrated and releases energy that can be consumed during or after the storage process. There are many forms of energy storage and the main ones are lithium-ion, lead-acid and molten-salt batteries and flow cells. Traditionally, the largest investors (companies, network operators, independent energy providers and utilities) have invested […]

Cannabis Market Investment Report

Scope and coverage of the study: This study covers 858 companies around the world labeled within the category ". All data on the companies, acquisitions and founding was extracted on July 8, 2019. Companies founded after this date have not been included Main investment trends Analysis of the acquisition activity: