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Webinar: Selling a company in the technology sector, Venture Capital answers

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When the owner of a technology company considers selling it, the first thing he or she asks is, "Could there be someone interested in buying my company?" When deciding to selling a company, this one of the great unknowns that appear at first.

At Baker Tilly we know what questions entrepreneurs and managers ask themselves when considering selling a company. In this Webinar, thanks to the collaboration of professional experts in venture capital, we were able to answer all of them: 

  • Why do venture capitalists invest in the technology sector? 
  • When is a venture capital and when is an industry partner appropriate? 
  • What are the characteristics of an M&A process in a technology company that are not found in other companies? 
  • What are the main challenges? How do you align the interests of the management team with those of private equity? 

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Diego Gutiérrez Zarza, member de Baker Tilly Spain.

Diego Gutierrez socio de Baker Tilly Spain. Conoce perfectamente los pasos para vender una empresa con éxito. Existe una empresa para cada comprador.

Diego specializes in business development and SME growth processes: innovation, mergers and acquisitions, partnerships, integration, etc. With a special focus on finding alternative financing such as private equity, venture capital, corporate acquirers, family office, business angel or crowdfunding. It has experience in more than 20 offerings, leveraging funds of more than € 50MM. 


Ramón Garnica, partner in Nazca Capital and currently the principal of Fund V.

Ramon Garnica (Nazca Capital)

After graduating in A.D.E at CUNEF, he joined KPMG's Strategy department as an associate where he performed numerous commercial due diligences and strategic plans for private equities and their investees. Ramón has more than 9 years of experience in the private equity sector and is a member of the board of Distribuciones Juan Luna. 

Manuel Cebrián, Director of Investments in Suma Capital.

Manuel Cebrian (Suma Capital)

He holds a degree in A.D.E & M.B.A. from ESADE, having completed part of his studies at the Anderson School of Management, UCLA (Los Angeles). Manuel has an extensive background in the private equity sector thanks to his experience at Atlas Capital and in strategic consulting at The Boston Consulting Group. 

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