Analysis of investment in mHealth. Top Doctors doubles its turnover and expects to triple it in 2018.

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BY : Diego GutiérrezMarch Mon, 2018

We present the latest investment rounds in companies specialising in mHealth (Mobile Health) in Europe. In addition, we analyse the success of the Spanish company Top Doctors, which has doubled its turnover in 2017 and expects to triple it in 2018.

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We present the latest investment rounds in companies specialising in mHealth (Mobile Health) in Europe. In addition, we analyse the success of the Spanish company Top Doctors, which has doubled its turnover in 2017 and expects to triple it in 2018.

About Top Doctors

Top Doctors is a Spanish company that has developed an online platform to find and contact the best medical specialists in private healthcare, audited and certified by the most rigorous doctor selection process in the world.

With a unique business model, the company offers patients the latest tools for accessing the most prestigious national and international medical lists, while providing doctors with cutting-edge technological solutions, online presence and brand image.

The Top Doctors platform brings patients closer to top doctors, verified through certifications, audits and an exhaustive control of their professional careers. The doctor selection process of Top Doctors, in which Inveready participates, has 25 years of experience and is unique in the world.

"The future is online, the doctor must undoubtedly go digital and the patient has the right to be able to trust the internet," says Alberto E Porciani, CEO and Co-Founder of Top Doctors. "Therefore, the key in the process of digitalisation of the healthcare sector is to offer the patient a secure and quality access that gives them the necessary peace of mind to make a decision with guarantees. As a company and technological solution, it is our duty to provide sufficient information, check it, assess it, contrast it and manage it appropriately".


About Inveready

Established in 2008, Inveready is one of the largest seed capital funds in our country, which was created in 2008, in the midst of the crisis and so far has raised six funds worth more than €60M. Inveready is committed to technology-based companies, especially in the field of ICT and biotechnology. Its investments typically range from €200k to €200M.

Inveready Technology Investment Group is one of the leading venture capital firms in Spain. With six investment funds to date and €92M under management, Inveready invests in technology companies with high growth potential and innovative business models, particularly in the field of biotechnology.

The firm has extensive experience in different areas, with a portfolio of more than 80 leading companies in their respective markets.


Top Doctors, owned by Inveready, doubles and triples its turnover

The Spanish company Top Doctors, an online platform for finding and contacting the best medical specialists in private healthcare, audited and certified by the most rigorous doctor selection process in the world, has doubled its turnover in 2017 with more than $7M in the European and Latin American market.

The company is doubling figures for the fourth year in a row and expects to triple them in 2018, a year for which it has set a target of $20M.

After three rounds of financing, Top Doctors has an accumulated capital of €4.1M, of which a very significant part is being allocated to technological innovation. "We are preparing to offer new services to doctors and patients through the website and the App, which will position us as the benchmark company in the Digital Health sector".

In addition, Top Doctors will enter two new markets this year, one in Europe and the other in Latin America, which will be added to those already consolidated: Spain, Italy, the United Kingdom, Mexico, Colombia, Chile and the USA.

The company currently has more than 60,000 professionals from all medical specialties globally, with a 50% increase in the number of members in the last year. Its platform has also doubled the number of patient visits - more than 20 million - who have booked up to 1 million appointments with their doctors.


Analysis of mHealth investment

Here are the latest investment rounds in the mHealth (Mobile Health) sector in Europe:


PROGRAMMEERDF - Innterconecta
PUBLIC BODYCDTI - Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness
BENEFICIARIESThe beneficiaries will have to have a place of development of their activities in the following ACs:
- Phase 1 : Andalusia, Castilla-La Mancha, Castilla-León, Canary Islands, Extremadura and Murcia.
- Phase 2: Andalusia, Extremadura, Galicia and Valencia.

Phase 1 will take place in 2018 and Phase 2 in 2019.
PURPOSE OF THE PROGRAMMEStimulate stable cooperation in R&D activities between companies located in the target regions of the "Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020".

It pursues the development of novel technologies in technological areas of the future with international economic and commercial projection, while at the same time representing a relevant technological and industrial advance for these regions.

It will mobilise the participation of SMEs in associative projects of a certain size.

The themes of the projects will be aligned with the Societal Challenges and the priorities of the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020:
- Health, demographic change and well-being.
- Food safety and quality; productive and sustainable agriculture, natural resources, marine and maritime research.
- Safe, efficient and clean energy.
- Intelligent, sustainable and integrated transport.
- Action on climate change and efficiency in the use of resources and raw materials.
- Social changes and innovations.
- Digital economy and society.
- Security, safety and defence.
CHARACTERISTICS OF THE AIDThey are cooperative projects. The groupings must be made up of at least two autonomous enterprises, of which at least one must be large or medium-sized and the other must be an SME.
The maximum number of member companies of the Consortium will be 6.

The entities must sign a Consortium Agreement (if not finalised at the time of submission, it may be submitted prior to the Project Resolution), the minimum content of which is as follows:
- None of the autonomous companies, nor any group of related or associated companies may exceed 70% of the bankable budget of the project.
- The project activities to be subcontracted do not necessarily have to be carried out within the above-mentioned ACs.
- The overall cost of the subcontracted activity for each beneficiary cannot exceed 50% of its budget.
TYPES OF AIDThe aid is a non-repayable grant. The maximum aid intensity will be:
- Large companies: 40%
- Medium-sized enterprises: 50%
- Small business: 60%

Type of financing
The support is co-financed by ERDF funds through the "Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014-2020". The remainder will be financed by CDTI's own funds.

Project budget
Between €1M and €4M.

Eligible expenditure
- Personnel costs: personnel registered in the Autonomous Community where the project activities are carried out.
- Costs of purchase of equipment, instruments and material: only depreciation for the duration of the project.
- Consumables.
- Costs of contractual research, know-how and patents acquired or licensed from external sources at arm's length.
- Audit: if the company is obliged to have its accounts audited, the review of the supporting account may be carried out by the same or another auditor, provided that he/she is registered with the ROAC. The maximum amount eligible for funding is €2,000 per beneficiary and per year.
DEADLINEOPEN - 03/05/2018 a 05/06/2018
INFORMATION+34 946 42 41 42

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