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What is media for equity?

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El Media for equity is a new investment model in Starups that was already being used in Germany and the UK for years and is now arriving in Spain with force. The media groups provide advertising, normally at the best market conditions, in exchange for a business stake in the companies. The main players in the media sector in our country such as Mediaset, Ad4ventures and the Prisa group have already opted for this formula.

Media for equity operations in Spain

Media for Equity's first operations were launched in Spain in 2014, with Atresmedia and Mediaset. In lean advertising times, both groups achieved major successes at the start of 2015 thanks to internet start-ups.

Through this model, Atresmedia has invested in technology start-ups. Groupalia, i-tyres, E-shop ventures, the TV cupboard and Wallapop and Promofarma.

"Atresmedia is using media for equity to accelerate its diversification strategy, strengthening its presence in new digital businesses and reducing its dependence on advertising investment. In just one year it has already used this new form of investment 6 times and aims to reach 15 companies in 3 years" says Diego Gutiérrez, partner at Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory.

Mediaset, which uses the Ad 4 Ventures platform to carry out its operations, invested in 2014 in La Nevera Roja through media for equity, which allowed the latter to multiply its growth in 2014, favouring Rocket Internet's purchase of La Nevera Roja. the Red Fridge.

The Prisa Group in 2014 promoted the Trampolín Programme, to provide advertising support in its media in exchange for being part of the shareholders of the chosen startups. Grupo Prisa has just invested in I-ahorro, an online tool that allows users to save on their usual expenses and optimise their investments.

Prisa had already invested in Offerum in 2013, although it was not yet called media for equity, through a share exchange and the integration of Planeo, a website also based on online offers owned by Prisa.

"The merger between Offerum and the Groupalia group is an example of two successful companies that are becoming market leaders thanks to the support they have received through media for equity," says Diego Gutierrez.

Other companies in the media sector, such as Vocento, have also joined this new form of investment.


 Benefits of this type of financing

Startups manage to create a brand and gain visibility after validation of the business model. Resorting to the mass media is a very expensive option for these types of companies, which see an open field with this new form of investment.

For their part, media groups are reducing their dependence on advertising revenues. 

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