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Masterclass: Fundamental concepts for company valuation

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As the poet Antonio Machado said "Only the fool confuses value with price",the first fundamental concept in knowing how to value a company

This is precisely what this Masterclass is all about, where Diego GutierrezBaker Tilly partner and technology sector professional, Baker Tilly, explains when is it necessary to valuation for a companyand, if necessary, which valuation methods exist and what steps need to be taken to to carry it out successfully. In this Masterclass you will be able to solve any doubts you may have regarding the following topics:

Masterclass valuing a company
  • Is value the same as price?
  • When is an assessment needed?
  • Share value is not equal to business value
  • Valuation methods
  • The most recognised method
  • Validity of methods by multiples
  • Key stages of CBD
  • Historical and strategic analysis
  • Future Cash Flow Projection
  • What is the Discount Rate and how is it calculated?
  • Updating Flows
  • Interpretation of results

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