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Investment Analysis 2021 of the Corporate Training Sector

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What is Corporate Training?

Corporate Training, as it is literally defined in English, has several names, the most commonly used today being "workplace learning". This name is not really the most appropriate since corporate courses do not necessarily take place in the workplace, as the report demonstrates. What it does refer to is that the learning is focused on where you work, as Corporate Training refers to a system of activities aimed at educating a company's employees.

There are numerous types of training, ranging from the improvement of individual or collective work, to the improvement of more interpersonal skills. These training courses are very attractive to client companies, because they have a double benefit: for the employees (in terms of improving their skills) and consequently for the company (in terms of improving productivity).

Sector opportunities

As shown in the complete analysis, this sector has undergone a major technology-driven change, thanks in large part to the pandemic produced by COVID-19. This change offers a great projection considering that it is still a young and untapped sector.

While it is true that the category of this sector is specific, there are many consolidated companies with large numbers behind them. These are more focused on the more traditional methods so they seek to specialize, and in this way, stand out from their competition, through acquisitions of new companies entering the sector. These new corporate education startups do have the specialization that large companies want so much; use of virtual technology, gamification, m-learning...

Funding received

The numbers shown in the report show values in this 2021 of almost five times the value of 2020, reaching a total of $2,400M. 2021 has been the year with the highest proceeds received, despite (for the time being) fewer rounds than other years.

funding rounds in corporate training 2021


As shown in the report, early-stage rounds are the most predominant, as is normal in such a young and growing sector. Although it is true that the number of larger investments has increased (as shown in the Financing section), suggesting and underlining that the sector is growing.

Therefore, the signatures of venture capital isThe private equity firms, more specialised in the early stages, are very active in the sector, with a positive projection of the number of investments. On the other hand, Private Equity should be aware of the movements of the sector and the many growing companies, so interesting thanks to the high percentage of technology they contain. The numbers also show a growth with a positive projection in the number of investments made by these firms.

corporate training 2021 investments performance


As mentioned above, the number of acquisitions has increased as the more established companies in the sector seek to specialize in more modern methods by embracing new technologies.

While it is true that there are other companies in other sectors that have bought into the sector, for example, some professional service firms that are looking to have better customization of the training they get in-house. Several examples are seen in the report.

Public companies in the sector

Finally, the report mentions the existing public companies in the sector. There are few that have gone public and they consist of the most traditional type of companies in the sector, since, as we have said before, they are the most consolidated companies. Surprisingly, most of the companies on the stock exchange are not American, despite the fact that half of the companies are there. China takes first place in the number of public Corporate Training companies with companies like Renrui HR Tech Holdings.

Investment Analysis 2021 of the Corporate Training Sector

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Investment Analysis 2021 of the Corporate Training Sector
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