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Ofrecemos asesores expertos para la venta de empresas en Barcelona para que saque el máximo rendimiento

Líderes en venta de empresas en Barcelona

Selling your business is the most important transaction of your life, you deserve the best advisors!

If you are considering the possibility of sell your company located in Barcelona, or you are looking for information to sell it properly, you should know that what you need is a global and multidisciplinary process to find a buyer that guarantees you the best conditions.

venta de empresas barcelona

En este tipo de procesos no se trata únicamente de maximizar el precio en la venta de empresas que existe en Barcelona, ya que hay factores y multitud de variables que se deben gestionar y negociar como:
  • Payment terms
  • Minimum taxes
  • Non-competition agreements
  • Senior Management Contracts
  • Risk and liability reduction
  • Integration plan that considers the future of employees after the sale of your company

To get it right, you need experienced professional advisors to lead the process and take care of all the details to ensure the success of the operation. That's why, at Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory contamos con los mejores profesionales en M&A, con la experiencia necesaria para llevar a cabo el importante proceso de búsqueda de comprador que garantice y asegure las mejores condiciones en venta de empresas en Barcelona

What questions do we ask ourselves when selling a business?

  • What is the highest rating de mi empresa en Barcelona y cómo puedo conseguirla?
  • Is the right time to sell my company with guarantees of success?
  • What are the options for shareholders to meeting our objectives?
  • How can I present my company with the maximum attractiveness to investors?
  • Which investors are most able to pay and who are most interested in my company?
  • How can I reduce the risks of initiating business sale processes such as leakages or over-commitment?
  • What other terms should I use? negotiate in addition to the priceWill I have to take on responsibilities, how can I reduce them?

What is our process?

Todas las transacciones son diferentes y únicas en Barcelona. Para ofrecerte la mejor experiencia,  involucramos a un equipo de personas con habilidades distintas y complementarias (análisis de entornos competitivos, búsqueda de potenciales compradores, análisis financieros, comunicación, etc.), todos ellos liderados por un experimentado Dealmaker.

Our team follows a solid process supported by 10 steps:
process in the sale of a company

¿Qué método se utiliza para vender una empresas en Barcelona?

1. Strategy

The success of any process is good prior preparation que resultará en una mejor valoración y reducción de la duración del proceso. Para ello, es necesario tener claro ¿Por qué quiero vender mi empresa de Barcelona? ¿Cuál es el precio objetivo? ¿Quién deberá estar involucrado en el proceso?

2. Documentation

Se debe estar preparado para cualquier pregunta del potencial comprador. Algunas preguntas habituales: ¿Cuáles son mis diferenciales? Quién es el equipo clave? ¿Cuáles son los principales competidores en Barcelona? ¿Por qué mis clientes me compran? ¿Cómo mantengo y hago crecer mi ventaja competitiva?

3. Financial Information and Valuation

Consistent financial information reflects professionalism and creates confidence for the buyer. What is the expected growth of my company? Do I have the financial information prepared? How do I explain the assumptions of the business plan to the buyer? Am I prepared to provide the information required by the investor in the DD (VDR)?

It is therefore important to assess and analyse projections as the price is often partly linked to them.


4. Identify potential investors

It consists of identifying the type of investor who may be interested in your company. What type of investors are there? Which one is the most suitable for my company? Which one can pay the best price? What is their decision-making process like?

5. Contact

The objective in this phase is to contact the decision-maker and generate interest with a personalised and attractive message. Who do I contact? What type of communication should I use? How is confidentiality protected?

6. Know and qualify the prospective buyer

The efficiency of the process depends mainly on negotiating with those investors who are really interested in the acquisition. Are you really interested in my company? Do you have the fit I am looking for? What investment capacity do you have? What kind of deal structure do you usually use?

7. Negotiation

The secret is in the details: which of the candidates to negotiate with, who should make the first offer, who controls and drafts the LOI? This is the most important and complex phase, the process is at stake in every detail.

Due Diligence and Closure

8. Due Diligence

At this point, many transactions fall through. What issues should the DD cover? Should I provide all the information requested? How does a Dataroom work? What are the implications for the final agreement? Good preparation from the beginning of the process avoids last minute surprises.

9. Closure and Contracts

The structure of the transaction is even more important than the price itself. In this phase, the critical aspects of the transaction are defined in detail: How and when is the agreed price paid? What guarantees does the seller provide to the buyer? Is part of the price retained?

10. Integration

In the sale of companies, this is the final stage of the process and includes, among other things, the drafting of a plan for the first 100 days, the calculation of the synergies achieved and the assignment of a team to be in charge of the integration.

If you would like to find out how we can help you sell your business, either in the short or long term, please consult in confidence with one of our Dealmakers.

Asesores en venta de empresas para Barcelona

In addition to the advantages of trackrecord in over 100 M&A transactions, international reach thanks to a global network of offices and a dedicated M&A team. We are expert advisors in the sale of companies and we have worked in recent years to design our own M&A model. based on a combination of three pillars:


Our Intelfin tool allows you to integrate different sources of information related to the potential companies to be acquired such as their financial data, commercial growth, their business models, etc.

With all this information we have developed predictive and prescriptive analytics that allow us to provide recommendations to identify the businesses with the highest growth potential and the most profitable for the investor.


Our team of analyst consultants, supported by our proprietary technology and ongoing practice of sector analysis, are able to provide data-driven arguments that support an understanding of the opportunity and its competitive environment.

Each year we analyse more than 50 different sectors and share our findings with the main players in each sector. It allows us to establish a broad "networking"with thousands of active investors.


Our experience and expertise is not isolated in the heads of a few members of our organisation. As a result of advising on hundreds of transactions, we have defined our service by applying best practices across the organisation.

A través de modernos modelos de formación todos nuestros asesores son capaces de liderar un proceso de venta en Barcelona con los más altos estándares, anticipándose a los potenciales problemas y ayudando a entender al cliente cada fase del proceso.