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Valuation of companies in Zaragoza

Comprehensive advice on company valuation for the whole of the Zaragoza region

Rely on specialised business valuation advisors. Fast, targeted decision-making is crucial for success.
If you are looking to value your company in ZaragozaWe can provide you with a comprehensive and detailed valuation that will help you understand the real value of your company and make strategic decisions. Our highly trained professionals have extensive experience in business valuations, and use rigorous methodologies and advanced analysis tools to provide you with the best results.

We are leaders in business valuation in Zaragoza for SMEs and we also offer a national and international service. We currently have a large team of specialist consultants who follow a proprietary methodology that assesses both the qualitative and quantitative aspects of the sector and is reinforced with the latest market valuations to check their validity and accuracy.

We also carry more than 10 years of operations for SMEs and applied to different sectors: financial, technological, industrial, distribution, retail & FMCG, construction, healthcare...
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When is it essential to value your company?

Business valuation is a key process for understanding the true value of a company and making informed decisions. At Baker Tilly GDA, we offer business valuation services in Zaragoza to help our clients understand the value of their businesses and make strategic decisions.

There are a number of situations in which it may be necessary to value a company. Here are some of the most common ones:

  1. Sale or acquisition of a companyIf you are considering buying or selling a company, it is essential to know its true value. Business valuation can help you establish a fair price and negotiate effectively.

  2. Merger or consolidation of companiesWhen merging or consolidating companies, it is important to understand the value of each business in order to establish an appropriate ownership and management structure.

  3. Succession planningIf you are planning the succession of your business, it is important to understand its value to ensure that the transfer is fair and equitable.

  4. Obtaining fundingIf you are seeking financing for your business, you may be asked to provide a business valuation to determine your company's ability to pay and the value of the assets backing the loan.

  5. LitigationIn case of litigation, a valuation of the company may be necessary to determine the damage or appropriate compensation.

These are just some of the situations in which it may be necessary to value a company. At Baker Tilly GDA, we have a team of business valuation experts who use rigorous methodologies and advanced analysis tools to provide you with the best results. Contact us for more information about our business valuation services in Zaragoza.

We guide you in the valuation of your Zaragoza company

What is the real market value of my company? How can I establish a fair price for selling my company? Do you need to sell all or part of your company?

Our "company valuation in Zaragoza" department specialises in strategic operations, both national and international, and has a global vision offering continuous contact in the different processes, being able to respond to these and other questions.

The service of business valuation advice in Zaragoza that we offer is presented as the perfect solution to achieve your goals as:

  • Knowing the real value of your company
  • Assessing the profitability of the company
  • Identify areas for improvement before selling
  • Preparing for a transaction
  • Comply with legal requirements
  • Negotiation of economic and non-economic terms
  • Strategies and processes that create value

Our team works in perfect coordination, and we apply most strategies within a short timeframe. As experts, we are familiar with all the obstacles and can work with you to develop a roadmap that will ensure your acquisition and financing in Spain or internationally is a success.

Why use Baker Tilly GDA as a business valuation consultancy?

Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory is a consultancy company valuation, that offers its customers in Zaragoza a personalised service.. Our market analysis capacity allows us to provide an individualised vision of the company and its sector so that our clients can make the best decisions.

So, if you are looking for a reliable company to value your company in Zaragoza, do not hesitate to contact us. At Baker Tilly Global Deal Advisory, we are committed to excellence and client satisfaction, and we will work with you to deliver the best possible results.

As a result of our work with companies in high-growth sectors, we have acquired knowledge and experience in specific valuation methods. In addition, indicate that Baker Tilly International is in the Top 10 of the world ranking of professional services firms.The company offers a global reach with local knowledge, local teams and extensive experience in high-growth sectors.

Market Research

Our Intelfin tool helps you understand and improve your strategy to identify the opportunities and risks hidden in your data. With rigorous models, you can make more accurate forecasts and better manage decisions.