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BY : Diego GutiérrezAugust Mon, 2013

venture capital isThe world of offers has been in turmoil in recent years due to the importance of price for the consumer, proof of which is the advance of PRISA with its participation in OFFERUM providing your portal PLANEO. Consumers in this period of crisis are more and more price-conscious and are willing to receive abundant information about offers, in addition to the difficulty that businesses have in finding customers.

Offerum maintains its policy of growth through acquisitions

Offerum is an offer portal created in December 2009 by 4 experienced entrepreneurs (Jesús Monleón, Vicente Arias, Sacha Fuentes and Christian Fuentes) and under the umbrella of the SeedRocket incubator. In 2011 it received €2 million from benchmark funds such as Cabiedes and Bonsai. In 2012, it was the most active operator with the purchase of Buytheface's 100% from Feliz Ruiz and Miguel de Lucas, 100% from the Italian subsidiary of KBG Deals and 100% from Viavip. This year it is continuing its growth policy via acquisitions and after the recent purchase of the young Destinity (created by Enrique Dubois in 2011), it has reached an agreement with PRISA to integrate its portal  for a 15% stake in Offerum. "Offerum's goal is to continue to grow in size in a race against its competitors. With this corporate transaction the company has stated that it aims to reach €40MM turnover in 2013, having achieved a figure of €25MM in 2012. This is a very significant growth and I understand that the intention of Offerum's management and shareholders is to reach a critical size and an attractive market share for large global competitors that do not yet have a presence in European markets and intend to consolidate their positions by acquiring a leader in the region," said Diego Gutierrez, corporate finance expert at Offerum. ABRA INVEST.

Share swap: a smart option when your pocket is tight

In these times of scarcity of large financing rounds, alternative formulas for growth are appearing. A share swap transaction already took place last year when Oooferton acquired 90% of Zoomzebra's shares in exchange for 1.2% of Zoomzebra's shares. "The share swap is a perfect formula when the priority is to grow by gaining size and market share and the investment budget is small. It adds a difficulty to the operation, you have to agree on both the valuation of the acquired company and the acquirer, but if there is a willingness on both sides you can always reach a point of understanding," says Diego Gutierrez.

Large multinational operators: the alternative to exit

Last year, some international operators were seen in Spain, as is the case of Livingsocial, with the purchase of the remaining 50% of Letsbonus. "The figures of these operators are from another league, Offerum has approximately 6 million users, which compared to the 85 million of the American one, puts it light years away. But what clearly gives insight into the future evolution of the sector is the financial capacity of these multinationals. Livingsocial has raised 918MM$ compared to €2MM for the Spanish company," says Diego Gutierrez.


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