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SaaS Sector Investment Analysis 2022

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Here is our new analysis of the SaaS 2022 sector. If you are interested in its evolution, you can also access here to the report of 2021.

What is the "SaaS sector"? 

Software as a Serice, known as SaaS, is a software distribution model in which an external provider hosts applications and makes them available to customers over the Internet. Moving services to the cloud ensures that your organisation no longer has to buy licenses in bulk, but can pay for services through a monthly subscription fee, for example for services and support.

It has arguably 5 main benefits: Cost Efficiency, Manage service and support, Scalability, Security, Cross-platform accessibility.

This report shows the differences with respect to other cloud models such as IaaS or PaaS. It also mentions the Cloud Computer sector, a sector also analyzed by Baker Tilly, which is closely related to SaaS but with some differences.

In this report, the segmentation of the sector is also analyzed from different perspectives, from the consumer, the type of companies or a more classical segmentation. In addition, the value chain of a SaaS company can be clearly observed.

SaaS Sector Investment Analysis 2022


On the other hand, the qualitative part shows the increase in funding received in the sector, reflecting a very positive trend. At the same time, the number of purchase and sale transactions also shows the desired increase. Finally, the latest IPOs in the sector are shown. in the sector are shown.

In turn, this report has an exclusive section that analyses the comparative evolution of SaaS companies in terms of valuation.

If you want to take a look at the other reports we have done in different sectors, you can find a wide variety in our section of Industrial Reports.

SaaS Sector Investment Analysis 2022

Table of contents
  1. Feed Summary
    1. Sector in Overview
    2. Word Cloud
    3. What is SaaS
    4. Relevant Companies
    5. SaaS vs PaaS vs IaaS
    6. SaaS Segmentation
    7. Value Chain
    8. Customer Segmentation
    9. Companies Types
    10. Market Clustering
    11. Trends
    12. SWOT
  2. Investment Trends
    1. Funding Rounds
    2. Valuation
    3. Recent IPOs
  3. European SaaS Benchmarking
  4. Contact
SaaS Sector Investment Analysis 2022
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