MHealth sector Investment Report

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What is the "MHealth" sector?

MHealth or mobile health refers to the use of mobile technology to manage people's health and well-being. It is commonly used with the support of mobile devices, such as PDAs, cell phones, tablets, or patient monitoring devices, among others.

Scope and coverage of the study:

This study covers 483 companies around the world that are labeled in the "MHealth" category. All data on companies, acquisitions and founding rounds were extracted on October 30, 2019. Operations, rounds and companies founded after this date have not been included.

MHealth sector Investment Report

Main investment trends

MHealth sector Investment Report


MHealth sector Investment Report

Analysis of the acquisition activity:

MHealth sector Investment Report
MHealth sector Investment Report

MHealth sector Investment Report

Table of contents

1. Feed Summary 

  1. mHeath Feed Summary 
  2. WordCloud  
  3. Investment Trend Summary 
  4. Exit Outlook Summary 
  5. Summary of Key Markets 
  6. Industry Projections 

2. Investment Trends 

  1. Global Funding Trends 
  2. Funding Trends by Geography 
  3. Median Deal Size Trend 
  4. Funding Funnel  

3. Exit Outlook 

  1. Most Notable Acquisitions 
  2. Most Active Investors 

4. Investors 

  1. Index on Most active PE and VC investors 
  2. Details on PE and VC investors 
  3. Investment Trends 
  • What is born? 
  • What is growing? 
  • What is consolidated? 
MHealth sector Investment Report
  1. Feed Summary
  2. Investment Trends
  3. Market Details
  4. Exit Outlook
  5. Investors
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