GovTech sector investment report

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What is the "GovTech" sector?

Government technology commonly known as "GovTech" or "E-governance" is the technological infrastructure that government departments use to do their internal work or provide services to their "customers", i.e. citizens. This transformation to digital platforms focuses on reducing time and costs in all types of administrative procedures and improving the veracity and certification of the information exchanged.

Scope and coverage of the study

This study covers 511 companies worldwide labeled within the Govtech category. All the data on the companies, the acquisitions and the foundation rounds were drawn on September 21, 2020 and companies founded after this date have not been included.

sector GOVTECH

Principal investment trends en el sector GovTech

GovTech sector investment report


Analysis of the acquisition activity

GovTech sector investment report
GovTech sector investment report

GovTech sector investment report

Table of contents

Feed Summary 

  1. GovTech Feed Summary 
  2. WordCloud  
  3. What is GovTech 
  4. Five Biggest Benefits of GovTech 
  5. Difference between Civic Tech and GovTech 
  6. Market Forecast 
  7. M&A GovTech Market Summary 2019 
  8. Remarkable M&A Deals 2019 
  9. Market Drivers 
  10. Market Segmentation 
  11. Market Trends 
  12. Guidelines that promote GovTech transformation 
  13. EU budget for GovTech 2020 
  14. SWOT Analysis 
  15. Investment Trend Summary 
  16. Exit Outlook Summary 
  17. Summary of Key Markets 

Investment Trends 

  1. Global Funding Trends 
  2. Funding Trends by Geography 
  3. Median Deal Size Trend 
  4. Funding Funnel  

3. Investors 

  1. Most Notable Acquisitions 
  2. Most Active Investors 
  3. Details on Most Active PE and VC Investors 
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