Energy Storage Market Investment Report

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What is it?

The energy storage is concentrated and releases energy that can be consumed during or after the storage process.

There are many forms of energy storage and the main ones are lithium-ion, lead-acid and molten-salt batteries and flow cells.

Traditionally, the largest investors (companies, network operators, independent energy providers and utilities) have invested in energy storage devices to make a specific profit, either for themselves or for the network.

Storage costs are inversely proportional to the amount of investment in this sector, which means that over the years institutions have increased their purchases in this sector which has created many new business models.

Scope and coverage of the study:

This study covers 434 companies around the world that are labeled in the "Energy Storage" category. All data on the companies, acquisitions and founding rounds were extracted on November 14, 2019. Operations, rounds and companies founded after this date have not been included.

Energy Storage Market Investment Report

Main investment trends

Energy Storage Market Investment Report


Energy Storage Market Investment Report

Analysis of the acquisition activity:

Energy Storage Market Investment Report
Energy Storage Market Investment Report

Energy Storage Market Investment Report

Table of contents
  1. Intro: Key market trends and segmentation
    • Energy Storage definition
    • Energy Storage WordCloud
    • Main beneficits of the Energy Storage sector
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Behaviour
    • Market segmentation
  2. Investments Trends
    • Executive Summary
    • Exit Outlook Summary
    • Key markets segments
    • Global Funding Trends
    • Funding Trends by Geography
    • Median Deal Size Trend
    • Funding Funnel
    • SWOT
      • Internal analysis: Strengths & weaknesses
      • External analysis: Opportinities & threats
  3. Market Details
    • Key Subsectors
    • KeyStakeholders
      • Description
      • Categories
        • Leaders
        • Challengers
        • Niche Players
        • Visionaries
  4. Exit Outlook
    • Public Companies
    • Notable Acquisitions
    • Top acquirers
  5. Investors
    • Index of most active VC & PE Investors
    • Details on VC (seed, early and late stage)
    • Investments Trends
      • Innovation
      • Growth
      • Consolidation
    • Maturity of the sector
Energy Storage Market Investment Report

1. Feed Summary
2. Investment Trends
3. Market Details
4. Exit Outlook
5. Investors

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