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AI, Machine Learning & Data Analytics: Technology Acquisitions that are Redefining the Global Business Landscape in 2023

The world of AI, Machine Learning and Data Analytics is constantly buzzing, with large companies in a frantic race to reach the top of the innovation ladder. From Accenture's strategic technology acquisitions to strengthen its cloud presence and customer experience, to Sony's bold moves [...]

Advertising 2023 - The 5 Biggest Deals in the Sector

The Advertising 2023 sector witnessed a dynamic transformation, marked by strategic investments that redefined the market's competitiveness and shaped its future. These investments introduced innovative solutions and creative approaches that sculpted the business landscape. We highlight key transactions that drove the growth and evolution of the industry, from investments in start-ups to new businesses, to the [...]

IT Sector in 2023: Acquisitions in Europe that have had a Major Impact

The significant acquisitions made in the IT sector in 2023 changed the competitive environment and direction of the rapidly evolving IT industry. These calculated deals have not only signaled a turning point in the merger of industry leaders, but have also shown where new collaborations and solutions can be found [...]

Information Technology Sector in Spain: Key Acquisitions in 2022-2023

The acquisitions of 2023 have redefined the competition and trajectory of the information technology (IT) sector.These strategic transactions not only marked a shift in the consolidation of industry leaders, but also revealed new opportunities for collaboration and innovative solutions to emerging challenges. These acquisitions have left […]

Investment Trends in Enterprise Software2023 - 9 Key Transactions

The enterprise software industry 2023 experienced a dynamic and transformative phase in 2023, marked by a number of key investments that had a major impact on the business environment. Through the creation of innovative solutions and inventive benchmarks, these investments not only revolutionised the competitiveness of the market, but also [...]

Most relevant IT purchases in September 2021 in Spain

In the last month of September, some 15 new plants have been built. acquisitions in the technology sectors. IT buyouts span a wide range of sectors, from biotech experts to the gaming industry to companies offering cybersecurity services or those involved in healthcare. See also our recent mHealth Investment Report 2021. [...]


Here we bring you the acquisitions most relevant acquisitions in July 2021. There have been 20 acquisitions in the technology sectors in the last month, according to Crunchbase. Most of these acquisitions are related to companies in the healthcare sector, involving software products or services for medical processes and specialised software companies. More acquisitions [...]

EdTech sector: more acquisitions in 2020 and more active companies

The current global pandemic has suddenly boosted the Educational Technology or EdTech sector, as explained in the article "Edtech and Covid-19", giving rise to totally astonishing data on the biggest acquisitions in 2020 and the most active companies in the sector. Educational Technology could be defined as the use [...]

Acquisitions in the technology sector in June 2021

In this post we identify and analyse the most relevant acquisitions in the technology sector during the last month, June 2021. First, we will focus on global operations and, secondly, exclusively on the Spanish market. Global operations Blackstone- QTS Reality Trust: one of the most important acquisitions in the technology sector [...]

Aurica invests in Babel as a minority shareholder

On 7 June 2021 Aurica invests in Babel on a minority basis. Aurica, a firm of private equity Spanish company, has opted to buy a minority stake in Babel, a Spanish company specialising in the digitisation process of companies. The amount of the transaction has not been made public so far. As [...]

The 3 most relevant acquisitions in Industrial Automation

As in other sectors with a technological component, such as the cloud computing sector, there are also large companies that [...] acquisitions in Industrial Automation, a sector which, as described in the Investment Analysis carried out by Baker Tilly, bases its activity on the use of control systems and technology through the [...]

The 3 most notable business acquisitions in Spanish Cloud Computing

As described in Baker Tilly's investment analysis, Cloud Computing is a promising sector and one in which there are many possibilities in the future. acquisitions business and investment. It is present all over the world, as described in the article "Global Financing of the Cloud Computing Sector", presenting an ever-increasing [...]...

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