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Most relevant acquisitions in July 2021 in Spain

There have been 20 acquisitions in the technology sectors this past July, according to Crunchbase. Most of these acquisitions are related to companies in the healthcare sector, involving software products or services for medical processes and companies specializing in software. In this post we will focus on the most relevant acquisitions in July 2021 in […]

FinTech Investments: Techstars, the biggest investor in 2020

Techstars, 235 FinTech investments The famous American Venture Capital is the investor with the most companies invested in the FinTech sector, no less than 235 companies. Techstars is a global platform that offers investment and innovation thanks to its more than 3,200 investments. Its mission is to change the world through the thousands of entrepreneurs […]

Top 5: Leading FinTech Investors in the World

The increasingly well-known FinTech sector is attracting the eyes of a greater number of investors, as can be seen in the Investment Report 2021 conducted by our specialists. In this news we will focus on identifying and analyzing the acquisitions made by the 5 largest investors in the FinTech world: Advent International BlackRock Broadridge Goldman Sachs […]

Check out the 9 best FinTech companies in the industry

In this post we will describe the most relevant FinTech companies in a sector that is becoming increasingly active as can be seen in the Investment Report 2021 developed by Baker Tilly analysts, experts in the sector. Throughout this article, we will analyze the top 3 best FinTech companies according to 3 criteria: revenue range, […]

Acquisitions in the technology sector in June 2021

In this post we identify and analyze the most relevant acquisitions in the technology sector during the last month, June 2021. First, we will focus on global operations and, secondly, exclusively on the Spanish market.   Global operations Blackstone- QTS Reality Trust: one of the most important acquisitions in the technology sector The first of the […]

Aurica invests in Babel as a minority shareholder

On 7 June 2021 Aurica invests in Babel on a minority basis. Aurica, a Spanish private equity firm, has chosen to buy a minority stake in Babel, a Spanish company specialising in the digitisation process of companies. The amount of the transaction has not been made public so far. As shown in the Investment Analysis […]

BSG acquires Externalia| Press release

On June 22, BSG acquires Externalia for 100%. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance has advised the Externalia team in this transaction.​ Through this sale, Externalia responds to the need to implement software for the management of outsourcing and prevention without forgetting value-added services such as outsourcing of document validation by developing the best modular CAE management software. On the other hand, BSG incorporates a […]

Venture Capital Ranking: Top 3 Industrial Automation

Thanks to the study conducted by Baker Tilly analysts, we can conclude that Industrial Automation is a sector with a more than positive growth projection. After having analysed the sector in general in terms of acquisitions, financing and business growth, in this article you will find the Ranking of the most active Venture Capitals, in […]

The 3 most relevant acquisitions in Industrial Automation

As in other sectors with a technological component, such as the Cloud Computing sector, there are also large acquisitions in Industrial Automation, a sector that, as described in the Investment Analysis carried out by Baker Tilly, bases its activity on the use of control systems and technology through robots and computers to carry out industrial […]

TSS acquires Baratz | Press release

In June 2021, Total Specific Solutions (TSS) B.V. agreed to acquire Baratz Servicios de Teledocumentación S.A. Baker Tilly Corporate Finance advised the Baratz team on the sale.​ Through this acquisition, TSS enters the library software segment from the national leader, Baratz, which has more than 80% of the market share. Vendor: Baratz ​ Based in Madrid, Baratz offers solutions such as corporate content management or databases to […]

Most active Venture Capital in Cloud Computing| Top 3

As the investment report carried out by Baker Tilly's experts has shown, the Cloud Computing sector has a positive projection for the coming years, showing continuous growth and providing data on the most active Venture Capital to date. Looking at the data as a whole, we can see that a large number of deals have […]

The 3 most remarkable business acquisitions in Spanish Cloud Computing

As described in the investment report conducted by Baker Tilly, Cloud Computing is a promising sector and one in which there are many possibilities in business acquisitions and investment. It is present all over the world, as described in the article "Global Financing of the Cloud Computing Sector", presenting an increasing number of significant movements […]

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