Why do you need an M&A advisor?

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It is very common for some entrepreneurs to compare the process of selling a company to selling a house. This leads many to start the process of selling their company without hiring an M&A advisor and hoping that as few complications as possible will arise as if it were luck rather than skill.

An M&A advisor will help you find the best buyer for your company. In addition, he will value it, dispelling any doubts to the buyer and seller.
¿What is M&A?

An M&A advisor anticipates and minimizes potential problems

However, it is still believed that this type of process can be carried out alone, without the advice of experts.

Discover in this article the most important guidelines that should not be ignored when embarking on a sale process. The following article answers the questions that every entrepreneur should know how to answer about M&A consulting at this point in time.

  • Is an advisor with industry experience necessary?
  • Is it the advisor who determines the value of my company?
  • What makes one advisor better than another?
  • How many companies should the advisor know beforehand?
  • Is selling a company the same as selling a house?
¿Por qué necesita contratar un asesor de venta de empresas?

Many entrepreneurs decide to face the sale of their company without any external advice, perhaps to save the fees of an M&A advisor, or because they think that there are so many buyers that it will be easy to find one interested in their company?

Finding buyers is relatively easy, what is really difficult is to get them to risk their money. For this, the seller needs great negotiation skills and experience in this type of process. You must be careful with…

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