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BY : Diego GutiérrezJune Fri, 2018

We will explain what game changers are and we will explain the main categories into which they are divided and their reference companies.

What is a Game Changer and its categories

A Game Changer is an event, idea or procedure that brings about a significant change in the current way of doing or thinking about something. There are 10 categories and our selected startups are high momentum companies that are pioneering technology with the potential to transform society and economies for the better.

Neurotechnology is about visualising, improving and repairing brain functionality. The main companies are: Firstly, the technology of Neuro Medicala company that provides high-frequency stimulation to sensory nerves in the peripheral nervous system to block chronic pain. Also, Synchrona medical device company developing an "endovascular neural interface", which develops technology to assist paralysed patients and facilitates the control of external devices such as robotic limbs, computers and exoskeletons by translating brain activity into physical movement. And finally, NeuroPace offers an implantable device, called the RNS System, for the treatment of neurological disorders. The company's initial focus is the treatment of epilepsy to prevent seizures.

Regenerative Medicine consists of 3D printed and engineered organs, cells and tissues. Prellis Biologics designs human tissues and organs using laser-based 3D printing technology. Also, eGenesis is developing a platform that uses xenotransplantation, the process of grafting or transplanting organs or tissues between members of different species. And, the harnesses BlueRock induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC) therapies to use healthy cells to cure a variety of diseases. Using this technology, the company can manufacture virtually unlimited quantities of pure healthy cells.

Synthetic Animal Products consists of startups that offer lab-grown animal products, from food to clothing. Memphis Meats develops a technology to handle real meat without animals by growing animal stem cells in a laboratory without the need to feed, raise and slaughter livestock. Modern Meadow is a company producing leather without the need to slaughter livestock. Y, Finless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company that harvests stem cells from live fish to produce lab-grown fish meat for human consumption.

Synthetic Agriculture is the development of advanced technologies to improve plant health and crop yields. Indigo Agriculture is developing microbial solutions to naturally promote plant health and improve agricultural production. Benson Hill Biosystems harnesses cloud biology to enable companies to improve crop genetics. Y, Inocucor offers a process that uses combinations of fermentation and microbes to enable plants to reach their maximum growth or yield potential.

Al Chips is when startups develop processing units for AI applications. Mythic offers a chip to enable local AI, to turn everyday devices into intelligent systems without leveraging the cloud. Y, Cambricon is developing a brain-inspired processor chip that simulates human nerve cells and synapses to perform deep learning.

Massive Simulations is the creation of simulated worlds to predict real world outcomes. It has 4 steps: Make better decisions, introduce and test variables, examine edge cases and limit the impact of errors. The company Improbable Worlds is developing an operating environment that allows the user to build simulated worlds that can be run in real time, simulating the behaviours and interactions of millions of entities. CiBO Technologies is a sustainable agriculture company that simulates agricultural performance. RightHook enables automotive, aviation, robotics and other industries to rapidly adopt autonomous applications to safely test their products in simulated environments.

Intelligent Public Safety is the future of policing, crime prevention and emergency response. Evolv Technologycreates hardware and software for physical security. Shield AI builds artificially intelligent systems to protect law enforcement officers, first responders and civilians. UVeye is building machine vision and machine learning technology to help detect vehicle security threats.

Autonomous Construction consists of developing robotics and automation equipment for the construction industry. Built Robotics offers technology to automate earthmoving and construction work. Construction Roboticsis developing hardware and software for the construction industry, starting with SAM100, an autonomous masonry robot used for masonry. Apis Cor focuses on making construction fast, efficient and of high quality by delegating work to intelligent machines.

9.-Startups, within the Rocket Launchers category, reinvent the way rockets are built and flown into space. Rocket Lab is building a carbon composite launch vehicle. Relativity Space aims to build and fly rockets without human labour to resupply satellite constellations. Kubosprovides open source software and hardware for developing satellite missions.

10.-Extreme Logistics is about achieving technology-enabled delivery solutions for low infrastructure areas. CargoXis a logistics company offering freight forwarding services for shippers in the heavy truck industry. The application Fetchr aims to solve the logistical problem of not having a physical address, which can restrict the proliferation of delivery services, especially for e-commerce. Zipline International builds autonomous fixed-wing medical drones and performs aerial delivery services, dropping medical supplies to clinics or hospitals in areas that are not accessible by ground.

Our diferentiation

Market Research Technology
Our team of market analysis specialists is continuously analyzing the investments of the most active markets in the industry in order to unceasingly contribute ideas of the current market situation and identify the most relevant trends for senior management. We integrate the most relevant sources of information which allows us to discover the most interesting companies for venture capital and similarly helps us to identify the investors with the highest probability of involvement in an M&A process to ensure the success of our sell-side operations.

The reports and deductions of our advisors provide a broad view of the sector, both geographically and from the complementary or adjacent markets perspective.
Technology Data Analytics
for M&A
Advanced data anlytics is a weapon". Intelfin is an artificial intelligence tool we use for investing and creating value in SMEs through competitive analytics and the enterprise environment.

IntelFin consists of a cognitive system, which, through the application of advanced analytical technologies, facilitates the automation of investment and financing decisions in the field of non-listed companies and especially SMEs in high-growth sectors.

The information related to these companies is characterized by their lack of transparency and heterogeneity; thus, it is necessary to develop an advanced analysis which is as much predictive as prescriptive and is developed in a natural language custom, suitable to obtain greater clarity and knowledge of the investment scope.

The IntelFin system focuses especially on analyzing the variables that define and influence the competitive environment of a sector and the positioning of a company, analyzing their influence on future value creation. Therefore, IntelFin supports strategic decision-making to senior management by resolving questions such as:

¿What are my competitors' priorities, strategies and expansion plans? Who's my competition? Which competitor is most likely to grow at a higher rate?
Which areas of activity/business models will receive the most investment? Which sectors are most attractive to investors?
Which companies are going to experience the most growth in the near future? Which companies are most likely to receive investment or be acquired?
Training Methodology
We have developed training programs in an innovative set-up which guarantees our teams the acquisition of technical competences both in the field of corporate finance and in the field of psychology, that is much needed when it comes to negotiation processes.

We have a culture of continuous improvement of our processes, closely related to the use of information systems that allow the enhancement of internal communication between our teams, as well as external communication with our customers. Hence, we extend best practices identified internally in an efficient and rapid manner among our members.

Are you one of those who prefer to be well informed when making decisions?